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  1. which site is a reputable site that sells lowryder for cheap and will ship to us
  2. doc chronic 70 usd for lowryder and lowryder 2. If i was you i would wait till dr chronic get them autoflowering ak47,Autoflowering blueberry, and af kush. he will have all these strains around the first of the month
  3. why is everyone so interested in lowryder? it's a total crap strain whose ONLY real use should be for grows where you can't properly control the light cycle! it's based on nearly 0% THC ruderalis which gives it it's autoflowering trait.

    there are many other commercial strains out there that are compact, fast maturing, low odor but also potent too.

    unless you can't give your plants a proper 12/12 light regime, look into cinderella 99, apollo 11 & northern lights #5 instead. they're all stealthy etc. but have great THC profiles and are much more worth your time and effort.

    read the reviews if you don't believe me... lowryder is total beaster
  4. what is quickflowering? and i read blueberry wasnt even around anymore...whats the truth there also? Thanks
  5. AUTOflowering means that lowryder will go into flowering on it's own no matter what you do with lighting unlike most strains which need 12 hours of darkness every night to go into flowering.

    you were TOTALLY misinformed about blueberry too. there are PLENTY of knockoffs arouns and even DJ shorts has 2 of his own variations. blueberry will likely never disappear as it's about the most popular strain in existence as it had more top 10 votes than ANY other strain in an old overgrow thread.

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