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Need a buyers club in northwestern P.A

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by jimboweedin, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. Hey all! I have had Cronic Fatigue Syndrome for about 5 years now, and my only relief if from MJ.I have asked all of my connections to ask where to find out about a club in my area,but have had no luck.I cant work anymore,so now I focus all my time into growing.This looks like my best year ever.But fall is a long ways off.Please,any help would bet great.My doctor dont have any idea how difficult it is to keep a positive attitude,when all you want to do is crawl under a rock and die.(only a figure a speach)I dont trust the government as far as I can throw them,or doctors who want to SELL you a medical MJ card.When you are sick,It should'nt be a crime to ask for help,but the whold medical assistance program in pennsylvania makes me fell like shit.I just aint rite!
  2. The reason you have had no such luck with your connections finding a buyers club is because medicinal marijuana is not legal in PA. Therefore you don't have to worry about a doctor who wants to SELL you a medical MJ card. So all your worries should be put to rest.... it sounds like you have a few connections so you should be set. Good luck!
  3. If I were "set " as you think I am ,I wouldnt be looking for a place to buy at a reasomable price.Remember,I am unemployed due to a ILLNESS!. Just because P.A Isnt a state on the list, doesent mean that there arent any buyers clubs.Do you really believe that shit?
  4. Dude, you have confused the crap outta me. First you say you don't work and focus

    all your time on growing. Then Jonsi said your set and you say you're not as set

    as he thinks!?!? ROFL!!!!!!!!! I''m soooo high, sooo confused blah! :smoking:
  5. um... there arent med. clubs where they are legal.. ??
  6. Then I guess you need to pay a visit to the forum rules, because instead of looking for a legal club to buy from with a mj card, you are looking for a hookup; which is against forum rules. And just because the state isn't on the list, it outlaws such places, and they wouldn't be any different than any other drug dealer you're currently buying from. So pay a visit to the forum rules and check out the part about asking for hookups.
  7. Sorry for my bad attitude,I didnt mean to speak against the rules. This is not a good week for me.I dont work,But I did untill a few weeks ago. I do tend garden for a couple hours a day,which is all I can stay on my feet.I guess I need to look more in the direction of people involved with Hospice.There are lots of very sick people out there ,I find it hard to believe that they all see some street level dealer for relief.So enlighten me,how does the system work? State run? Or federall?And why would a doc collect money for the card?Does it go to the club?Or to some politician? Im not tring to be a smart ass,but the whole system seems to be politically motivated.Im just a man that would like to sleep better and have a appitite.Again,sorry for and confusion.
  8. It's completely on the state level. Federal government doesn't recognize the medicinal marijuana program. We'll take the most liberal state on the medicinal marijuana front as an example; California. You get your card and so now you can go to co-ops and buy weed. You can smoke it in your house, have it on you etc. And if you're stopped by a state police officer, they recognize the law and you won't get in trouble. However, Federal superceeds state level, so a DEA agent can arrest you and get you in a shit load of trouble, even though you have a card... on occasion they make examples of bigger growers that are able to. But, if you have a card, get an 1/8 and go home and smoke it, the DEA probably isn't going to bust you, not worth their time... but just know it's not 100% fool proof.

    How you get are card is you go to a LICENSED doctor... they are all doctors just as much as your regular doctor, except they have different views on weed so they are working to get things rolling in the right direction. Certain states have different views as to what a person can be prescribed medicinal marijuana for, but if you meet those conditions, and you have had your normal doctor prescribe you something, or diagnose you soemthing to treat this, you take it to a MJ doctor, and they write a prescription, they do typically charge an up front fee. The money goes to the doctor. Some of them I'm sure pocket it and take trips to Europe, but it's their money so there is nothing wrong with this. They are doing you a favor. Most regular doctors won't prescribe medicinal marijuana because certain legality issues may arise which they don't want ot gamble with, that's why I have no problem with these licensed doctors who do prescribe it, they are just risk takers. Some of them might even donate x amount to norml or other organizations, but it's the doctors money so it's not going anywhere dirty imo. Some of them abuse you, some of them get abused by you... haha, sorry had to add that line in as my sentence above this one reminded me of that song. but back on topic. That's how medicinal marijauan works. Some states that have it are very tight about it where only few people get it, some (such as cali) are so liberal that any joe with an rX for zoloft and 200 bucks to burn can get one.

    So yes, in the state of PA, those people at the hospice are buying illegal from a street dealer, because in your state not even the extremely sick are able to get marijuana prescribed to them.

    It's a very interesting system.

    Don't remember if I answered this, but it was another quesiton you had, why would a doc collect money for the card? Because he can... if you want it, you have ot pay for it. because like i said earlier, no regular doctor is going to prescribe it... so this doctor will, and he knows you're willing to pay for it... so he charges :) He just wants to make a living because that's where all his money comes from, he's probably not a 9-5 general practice doctor, it's most likely his specialty.
  9. Thank you for making a very clear explanation of such a difficult system.Even though I'm rather dissapointed at the reallity of it all.I love my country,but fear my goverment.I'm so glad that I stopped over my buddies house before I read this,having a web site like this to vent to;entertaining.Having someone I dont even know, set me straight;really cool. Having a killer buzz on;Priceless!!!:D

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