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  1. So, I have a glass bowl pipe that I usually smoke out of but I didn't exactly know you were supposed to use a screen or atleast it helps to keep it from getting clogged up but anyways yeah so now mine won't push any air through I tried soaking it for almost 2 hours and all that gunk is still in there and I can't smoke out of it...... I need I guess proper cleaning advice or would it be better to go get a new one lol but I've also never actually went to the store to buy a I'm nervous about doing that...
  2. some thing that might help,i recently couldnt get my grinder to work right,mso dropped the whole thing in a cup of ever clear,over night that thing came out like a new one
  3. Get yourself some 91% isopropanol rubbing alcohol. Put your pipe in a zip top bag and cover it with the alcohol. Now add a scoop of salt (used as an abrasive material to help scrape the pipe).
    After you seal the bag, shake, shake it like a shake weight. Then just let it sit for 24 hours or so shaking every few hours when you remember. I leave mine on a paper towel to catch any leaks.

    After soaking pull the pipe out and rinse with warm water. Use a cotton swab and some clean rubbing alcohol to clean up any spots that are still dirty. Everything should come off really easy at this point, if not, soak again.

    Once you have all the black gunk cleared out, hit it wish a little dish soap and rinse with water. Be careful though. I have dripped many a soapy pipe.

    Lastly just make sure it is well rinsed and no longer smells. It really helps if you do this once a month or so depending on how much you smoke. Plus, who doesn't like a clean pipe. So much better flavor.

    Man this morning bowl got me all rambly... Hope this helps!
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  4. Submerge it in isopropyl alcohol or nail polish remover. Get a lot of it inside, plug the holes with your fingers and shake. That should unclear it.
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