Neccessary Addition To My New Bong?

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  1. The other day, my friends and I bought a bong for our apartment. Its a 20 inch Flo with three, eight-arm percolators. We are considering an ash catcher for it and my friends wants to get one with a huge dome perc inside of the a/c. Should we get a basic a/c considering the bong itself already has three percs in it? I attached a pic of the bong and the a/c my friend wants. Your help is much appreciated =D 


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  2. Personally I'm not a fan of ash catchers.  I think most pieces hit better without them.  If you never clean your glass they can help keep it from getting too nasty but grunge off super soaker has made cleaning so easy I've gotten used to only smoking out of clean glass.  You just fill the glassware and let it sit for awhile, then rinse it out.  So really an ashcatcher just makes cleaning more time consuming.

  3. I have that exact bong and AC (the pic has my oil dome attached)

    I think it makes it much much smoother of a hit, adds a bit of drag and you gotta be careful with the water level of the AC because of the tilt you'll get extra water in the bong and eventually in your mouth....yuk

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  4. ashcatchers suck; the tube should hit nicely without accessories! 
    do yourself and upgrade to a disc diffused slide or a carbon filter adapter if you wanna go the attachment route, IMO ashcatchers are unnecessary and make for a much less enjoyable smoking experience.
  5. Ash catchers are amazing if you get a good one!
    Definitely makes the smoke way smoother. I love this one, I got it for super cheap but it works like an oven to bake cookies. Woah that analogy. Awesome idea though, definitely get an ash catcher. Just beware of ones that have too much drag.

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