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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GrandpalovesGB, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. I had an old nebulizer (breathing machine) sitting around from when I had asthma when I was a little kid, and my friend started playing with it.

    He put his metal bowl from his pipe into the small inlet where the air intake hole is, and lit it up, and it had a constant stream of white smoke for about a minute until it burnt through.

    It is powerful enough that you can put the hose in your mouth and let it force maximum smoke into your lungs (NO INHALING NEEDED!) and then turn it off or pass.

    It was genius.
  2. I had asthma too and I won't shy from smoking but from a fellow ex-asthmatic - It can come back, and you could have the worst case of your life induced by smoking...

    But I have an old nebulizer too and I am definitely going to try that.
  3. i was suggeseting to my friend that we fool around with his nebulizer and try to turn it into a smoking device but he was adimately apposed since he needs it every now and then. the last time he used it was atleast a year ago but he still insists that we dont do anything to it. thats a really awesome idea though and i hope i can try convince him to let me try it sometime. how well does it smoke?
  4. may be the best invention since the mask.
  5. hahaa that's sick. i, too, have asthma and a nebulizer. i might try that sometime..
  6. My friend fitted s gong bowl to his intake and uses a halogen lamp to blow bags like a volcano...
  7. Since it is constant smoke, you might have to turn it off between hits if smoking by yourself. But it works like a champ.

    And I should be good now, I only had athsma because I was fat in middle school, ha ha.
    I am RIPPED now. Thanks for the concern, though :)
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  8. interesting ...i have about 4 nebulizers sitting here at home.

    Im wondering if this would work with hash oil. You know dissolve it in ethanol and then vaporize it. Would be fun to experiment around with
  9. looks like a cannabis nebulizer has been made. interesting .
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