Nearly fucked by the 5-0

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Chode, Oct 12, 2003.

  1. The other night was pretty nuts for me, here's the rundown of the evening.

    My friend and I were smoking some pot in the parking lot after work, and he followed me to my friends house. His parents were out of town, so I bought some weed, and planned to smoke at his house that night. Unfortunatley, his little brothers were home, so we drove down the street to some industrial center.

    After we finished, we stumbled back to my car (I don't make a habit of driving stoned, but it was literally a couple blocks away) and we see a parked car, with it's lights on outside the parking lot. As we get closer, I realize it's a cop. Since I'm stoned, I freak out, and make a pretty sketchy u turn, and try to get away from him. He hauls ass to catch up, and followed us for a block, then another cop got on my tail with him. I got to the city border as quickly as I could (about a 4 mile drive), and they stopped following us. However, I was so stoned that I was too paranoid to turn around and go back home, so I drove all the way to Disneyland (about 30 miles), and I was terrified once we got back to my home-town.

    I'd never been so relived to get to my house. I kissed the ground, and got incredibly stoned, safely, indoors.
  2. I guess I worded it poorly. I didn't actually try to get away from him because he was chasing us, but I saw him, and turned around. He just followed me. I think he was waiting for me to forget to signal, or not stop for a light or something so he could bust me.

  3. Yea we call it "focusing" here, You take your hands and put them by your ears, then you simultaneously bring them forward and point them straight ahead while saying "focus"
  4. i had a close call with the police and my friend were walking home from tihs show and smoking a joint...and these 2 cops rolled up on us all quiet like and then when they were right beside us they turned on the lights real quick and turned em scared us shitless...and before i could quick chuck the joint (cuz i was hitting off it) i knew they caught us...they told us to come up to the car, and they took the joint, then the dude in the passenger side hit it and said that we could go free if we didnt have anything else on us (thank god we didnt!) and then he said, we're just giving you a warning for giving us this...its pretty i dont wanna see you 2 again! so we said something like...thanks man...or something...and just started bookin ass home!...
  5. "and they took the joint, then the dude in the passenger side hit it and said that we could go free if we didnt have anything else on us"

    hard to believe cops do stuff like that. for all he knew there was crack in that joint, ya know?
  6. well...i dont know what he was thinkin but its the truth (i dont care if you beilieve me or not) but thats what happened.....

    and ive never heard of a crack joint...i always thought people smoked it in a crack pipe ( i wouldnt know tho...i never have and never will do crack) oh and most people smokin crack probably arent walkin around with a friend sharin it (from what i know of crackheads anyway)

  7. Took me 2 years of practice in front of my I can hold conversations with cops when I'm high..I've done it before.

    One day two friends of mine and I went and smoked a blunt (I think?..I forget..I know we smoked something) and then went to the one guy's house. All three of us talked to the dude's mom for about half an hour when she looks at me and says "Mary, how come you don't sound as high as these two?"...LOL, lots of practice.

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