near death blazing experience!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Polygone, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. for my buddy.

    So, tonight I wen't over to my buddies place, and a few other people showed up. after about 30 mins playing with his new puppy, we decided to go hit a couple waterfalls.

    This waterfall is a beast, 1l huge cosket piece - it brews faaat! anyway we started to hit the waterfalls, and the piece got extremely hot but we just kept going. Now it was my other friends turn, whilst brewing the bucket he hit the socket piece to help the herb pull through with these cheap ass lighters we had acquired the day before... then BAM the lighter exploded, for no damn reason. A sharp piece of plastic cut my friends neck though, unbelievably close to the jugular(SP?).

    Now I'm standing there, stoned as fuck, just wwondering why my asshole friend just lit off a firecracker in the bathroom ( i then realized the lighter exploded) while my other friend is bleeding from his neck and the dogs freaking out.

    The cut itself isn't the deepest and my buddy is fine, but it coulda been significantly worse.. But now I'm wondering, why did the lighter explode like that? He didnt hit it hard - is it because its cheap 50 cent lighters? or did the piece get so damn hot that it melted the plastic upon contact:eek:
  2. those cheap gas staion lighers get me every time.
  3. It says on the warning label not to have it lite more than 30 seconds....

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