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near blackout, ringing in ears, and super intense tingling in hands?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by hiimhi, May 19, 2011.

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    I hadn't smoked in a few months besides the day before yesterday, taking a small rip off a joint, felt great.
    yesterday, I smoked, felt great and then once it wore off a few hours after I took a couple rips, felt great.

    Well, after about 20 minutes of being high, I went to take a piss, and when I started to finish, I started to blackout. I took some deep breaths and held onto the wall. It went away but the ringing in my ears began..and it was REALLY loud ringing.

    So I went and layed down, and that's when my hands started tingling, not just a little asleep feeling but to the point were they were tingling so bad that I couldn't even feel my pulse. So I just focused on my breathing and trying to feel my pulse and it eventually went away..

    This was all medical dank, from the dispensary.

    I just want to know if this has happened to anyone else before.

    oh ya...I ate some bread and drank a bit of milk after and it went away completely.
  2. that reminds me of the time I had a panic attack while high... I felt the tingling and the had trouble breathing...

  3. well I definitely didn't have a panic attack, as I wasn't doing anything/reading anything that would cause me to have a panic attack..but it does read like one.

    did some research. apparently this is normal for someone with a low tolerance who gets a dosage of THC that is really high. ringing in ears/blackout/are side effects of "greening out". But nothing says tingling in hands, that I can find.
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    You had a panic attack and almost fainted. All those symptoms are just symptoms of nearly blacking out. I pass out from medical phobias, and my ears ring, my vision goes dark, my heart pounds out of my chest, my skin gets cold and clammy, and then I wake up 3-4 seconds later.

    When you started taking deep breaths, you may have made it worse. When you're scared, you tend to take big but shallow breaths, "breathing in your chest". When you breathe like this, your brain releases more adrenaline and carbon dioxide begins to build up in your lungs and blood. You can also get too much oxygen and pass out from taking too many deep breaths too fast.

    When you need to breathe deeply, breathe in deep so your stomach goes out, hold it for a second, and exhale slowly and fully, and repeat it a couple times. Your exhale should be almost twice as long as your inhale.

    Just some techniques that have helped me. Don't think too much about it, it was probably a remote incident. Don't get so high next time lol

    edit: If you've never had a panic attack, you probably won't think it's one at first. People have extremely different symptoms from each other during panic attacks, and panic attacks can be triggered from certain thoughts, subconscious or not, smells, situations, places, people, drugs, or any mixture of them. Panic attacks can build up very rapidly, without much "anxiety" beforehand, and be over within 5 minutes to a half hour and have no lingering anxiety afterward.
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    ive been like that before when me and my friend smoked a SHIT LOAD OF RESIN. you ever see that vid with that bitch who has like 8 years of resin? yeah it was only a little less then that. we smoked it to the dome. i walked over the the side walk and every thing went faint my ears ringing all the blood going to my face like i was embarassed or had a really bad fever or something strobe light vision numb head to toe i was walking and i was like "bro i gotta sit down" lol good shit.

    once i sat down I remember i was having thoughts that i couldnt determine if it was a thought or reality, like in my head i saw this really trippy vision of a 3 deminsional cartoon looking kid skipping around and for a second i was like.... "is that me skipping around?" yeah that high

  6. So panic attacks can be brought on from just being high?

    yeah good call, I had just woken up from a nap and smoked a decent amount (more than enough to get high considering my near nothing tolerance and supppper dank medical.) and I hadn't eaten anything in a few hours either.

    I'll be sure to eat a bunch before I smoke next. and smoke less. haha.
  7. Not eating can cause you to pass out all on it's own too, you may have had your blood pressure/blood sugar dip too low.
  8. You just got really really really really high. Next time that happens, get a bottle of water and lay down for a little bit.
  9. i had something similar to that. my friend and I just got about a quarter ounce of green crack and smoked it it was the strongest weed we have ever had and a great expierence.

    then about a week later i got a little bit of a cold and went with my friend to take a couple of bong rips of the green crack in the woods when we were done i sat there in the woods i felt a little off.

    as soon as i stand up i get that feeling that i stood up up to fast and my vision starts going black but it didnt go away and i got what i would guess was tunnel vision so as i started to walk away every step felt like 40 steps and i just could not stand it.

    then my vision starts going green i was completely blind all i could see was green i could sorta see an out line of everything but everything was green i was just walking blindly telling my friend what was happening.

    then i sit down on this park table with the holes and i could see pink shapes through the holes and it slowly went away.

    one of the wierdest expierences of my life i figure that i just had super low blood pressure cause of my cold and the weed lowered it even more but the weed was not laced i guarantee you that:confused:
  10. Smoking too much green crack can do that to you and much worse! You got lucky. Green Crack got it's name because it'll fuck you up.
  11. Did you happen to be sitting right before you went to piss? It honestly sounds like a headrush to me, and the are delayed sometimes

  12. I was.
  13. One time I had just finished having sex, got up, went to take a leak, noticed my heart was pounding and I was trying to hold my breath so I could pee.. (I always have to be holding my breath at the beginning of a pee, is that normal?) by the time I finished pissing I was seeing spots, trying to focus on my breathing, got back to the bed and passed out. Peeing is dangerous.
  14. Was the ringing kind of like a.. "womp..womp..WOMP" progressively getting worse? I get headrushes all the time, it just happens when you get up quick after sitting or lying down for a while
  15. I call that the "wind turbine". I fucking hate that part of passing out.

  16. no it wasnt a buffer.it was like the silent ringtone only really fucking loud.

    got louder and louder though. Then it just dissapered.
  17. I went out in a ski gondola packed tight full of people and ski gear, I was apparently out most of the way up the mountain according to my friends and it was so tight in there, I was propped up the entire time. Only time I ever fainted. Weird, scary, still don't know why.

    It's like the song from Air Supply, only replace love with bud. "Love is like oxygen, you get to much you get too high, not enough and you're gonna die."

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