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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MonArch, May 7, 2004.

  1. I was just wondering if anyone had any pics from a floro harvest. I am curently growing 4 plants with 160w of floros, 2 40w warm whites and 2 40w cool whites. I know floros suck for budding and my intensions are not to bud with them. I was planning on starting them indoors n putting them outside around june or whenever the weathers nice enough. But last year i did the same thing and i found around harvest time the area i was growing on was also some hicks huntin grounds and one of my plants was destroyed, it was a hermaphrodite ne way and the other was killed by frost before it could finish budding. That was my fault cus i started em too late.

    Ne way i dont have a good area to put em in n want atleast one inside to make clones out of or maybe even flower under the floros. Just wanted to know if ne one has some advice on this.
    P.S. im not looking to get alot here, and hps is not in my price range or wouldnt work in my grow area.
  2. No worries. Check out this "classic" 80 watt floro grow.

    Could you afford about 50-70 dollars for a 70w Hps. It would really be awesome. Check this out.

    Lots and lots and lots of floros users here. A lot of micro grows, scrog-ing, and lst. Check out this board.

    For some good idea about floros check out this post.

    That should get you started. And if you decide to go outside that's cool too, but don't rule out indoor floros grows, they get a lot of growers through the long winter. :D
  3. thx i think the ones i have now ill put outside and start some new ones to flower inside. i think ill pick up the highest wattage warm cf i can find n find a way to fit it into my grow. I read all thoes articles but i really didnt see ne where about how the smoke was. Whats the potency of hps compare to floros i know hps is better of course but do floros produce buds that are sugnificantly weaker?
  4. no jus not as dense thats all. the buds can be really airy, after spending all the time and effort for an airy bud, its kinda like whats the point? however, if you can keep a combination of cools and warms, prolly more warms for flowering, close enough to sites during flowering, it may help with the density somewhat.
  5. yeah im gonna run two 48 inch warms and 2 48 in cools and ill throw ina compact one (warm)
    oh yeah i just got this kickass new digi camera, well my dad did, but ne way ill try to get some pics in of my setup and my grow.
  6. i think i might be able to scrunge up a 100 watter hps. i saw one laying around my dads garage but he cleaned it out n im still looking for it but if i dont find it i think ill buy a 150w security light from homedepot while there budding
    Im not really concerned about the yield as much about the potency. An ounce would be fine but just as long as it is potent enough.
  7. If you can't find one around your place try they have really really cheap hps lights.

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