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NC heads...old school Asheville Bubblegum cut

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by jd4083, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Surely I'm not the only one in NC who has enjoyed this particular pheno of Bubblegum for quite some time now :smoke:


    not real sure who the original breeder was, just know it's been around since the late 90's and it's impressive to say the least :wave:
  2. very fine treefer brah, proud to say ill be living up in the asheville area soon. coastal nc gets some funk but nothin like that. cant wait. :]
  3. ive had plenty of that lovely bubble gum kush in the blue ridge my friend:smoke:
  4. Nice. Looks exactly what's coming through. I hear you. :)
  5. Picking up some 120/q no name (cause my connect doesn't know shit about weed but how to get high) fire tomorrow. I think it's coming out of Boone. If stuff like this is floating around here though, i need to dump my old connects and find someone new! :smoke: I'll update w/ picks if I can when it rolls in!
  6. The college kids in boone get the herb that we don't keep ourselves to smoke :p

    thanks for checking it out dudes :wave:
  7. Does it taste like bubblegum?
  8. Tastes like earthy fruit, smells like bubblegum :wave:
  9. Up in Charlotte I used get some bud that looked like that but we called it "ice". It was probaly the dankest bud Ive ever and will ever smoke.
  10. Never had that cut but the Ice I have enjoyed is damned fine :wave: thanks for looking
  11. Omfg daaaank.
  12. Those are really nice pics what kind of camera do you use? Shit looks dank as a mother hahah

  13. yea my boys dealer had that shit in huntersville which is right outside of charlotte that ice is so dank charlotte area has had some of the dankest weed running through here lately
  14. ahh moving up in the asheville area soon, ive always loved it there. time to get off the coast and move west to the mountains. soo stoked. :hello:
  15. Lol thats where I lived! Lolol Exit 25 off of i77. Its a small world after all haha.
  16. #16 letsgetPOD, Sep 29, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2010
    Damn I think Im chilling with this same cut, crazy hairy dense buds, it smells just like bubblegum, no joke, and the high is incredibly clean

  17. lies.

    but I live in huntersville near northlake and there is alot of dank. Theres good shit down in waxhaw too. love the queen city
  18. Says the 16 year old kid *cough cough*

  19. what is this im 12? :rolleyes:
  20. Settle down chitlins :laughing:

    here's the closest thing I could get to a "macro" shot for the time being...upgrading the camera to a D60 very soon :hello:


    Well guys, as you can see above, the wonderful members of GC (and TC/ICM/etc.) have viewed enough of my photos to close out not one, but two accounts :laughing: shit guys, you're killing me. glad you enjoy looking though :wave: Here's a rehost...


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