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NC Dank *pics*

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by Deep Roots, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. #1 Deep Roots, Apr 8, 2012
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    Some shots I took of recent pickups. The names are most likely bs, but the GDP seems to match up and the colorado came from a buddy who lives down there. ALL dank though and worth every penny; btw I'm paying 60th 1/8

    1st: 1/8 Bubblegum Kush
    2nd: Bubblegum nugs

    3rd: GDP 1/8
    4th: GDP 2.8g

    5th: Cookie Monster
    6th: Wonder Kush
    7th: Colorado Medical
    8th: GDP nug
    9th: Bowl of GDP
    &last: Blue Dream

    My favs: Bubblegum&CookieMonster:smoke:

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  2. They all look so beautiful
  3. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zebynsDI_Ug]that 70s show kelso says LOOKING GOOOOD - YouTube[/ame]
  4. premium nugs man... i wish i had a connect as quality consistent as yours appears to be
  5. Where in NC are you? I might have to become your friend! Lol.
  6. dank nugs dude
  7. i have never seen anything like that in NC... i'll take some pics of the b/s I smoke... then again supposed to be getting some good shit imported from Indiana soon :D
  8. I'm in NC as well, and damn! I need to find your dealer! I can get some quality dank for 55/eighth or 90/q though.
  9. I might need to take a visit to NC bro lol
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    some of a half g i got for 10 off a buddy today, its called "space bong" ??? haha.


    & ReeferMadness nice prices, i wish my qts were 90, i have to pay 120:mad::mad:. But i can get other dank, just not as dank sometimes, for 110 a quad
  11. Thanks everyone it really is wonderful smoke:) Us NC stoners need to all meet up and protest and smoke for 420 or something haha. Just an high idea lol
  12. HAIRY :smoke:

  13. Hells yes, I am from NC as well :smoke:
  14. Anybody travel to upstate S.C?
  15. Nice pick ups!
  16. Oh i wont talk about my prices but u shuld try to get him to lower the price
    but it is some dank lookin trees
  17. Greeting from Raeford/Fayetteville. Those nugs look amazing and for 420 looking to spend about 200 will put some nice pics before it turns into brownies and smoke :bongin: :smoke:
  18. My friend came over with an 1/8 of space bong, haha.


    no flash

  19. Hey it's been awhile, been moving and just been busy but I'v had some crazy good buds lately but haven't got too many pics but here's some i do have:)

    yes there is some mid here :smoke: haha very few seeds and stems and the seeds that i did find are good ones:D /25quarter

    &two seeds sprouted right out of the ground without germin

    will post better dank close ups later, waiting on reup:hello:

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  20. Here's the mid, nug weighed 4.1g

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