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  1. Anybody watching the NBA playoffs? If so, who do you think is going to the finals? Who do you want to go to the finals? I'm not sure about the east conference... both of my favorite teams are on the west, both playing well... :hello:The Suns and the Clippers. They might end up playing each other. That'll be a fun game to watch even though one of my teams will have to lose. If the lakers end up beating the suns and go on to play the clippers if they win that would still be really interesting having two LA teams play against each other. Anyways, I've been real into watching the games on TNT. just checking if anyone else is. :smoking:
  2. i watch em off and on dont really care too much my team didnt even make the playoffs:(
  3. I'm bummed celtics didnt make it, but id like to see The Suns and Miami(or Pistons.) in the finals. Watch out next year, Celtics are gonna be one of the better east teams.
  4. can't believe the kings let the spurs come back to send the game in over time... and then just give them the game like that. mehh.
  5. as much as i love my bulls, they aren't doing too good. shooting well, but the rest....ehh...made the playoffs two years straight though! they're getting back to their old form in a snail-like fashion, which i guess i'll take. The only other team i'm cheering for is the suns, and that's only because i'm going to school in arizona next year and will prolly get raped if i don't like the suns. nash needs a haircut, though
  6. haha, glad everyone is pulling for the suns. where's the love for the clippers? they used to be such a horrible team years ago, and now they're filled with young talent and sam cassel guiding them as the veteran. and by the way, nash is amazing. don't hate on the long hair, haha. if you're white and don't have extremely short hair your hair tends to look like shit after sweating your ass off. :p oh, but speaking of that, look at the clippers' big man, chris kaman. he looks like a fucking viking... hahaha. :laughing:
  7. all i gotta say is fugg LA. anything and everything that comes outta LA. except the smog... you can keep that :smoke:
  8. The Suns will do it! I hope......Dont like NBA.....Like watchin STEVE NASH! YUMMY!:yummy:
  9. clippers gonna sweep denv...were gonna face the Suns....we will beat em in 7 games. we will take on either Detroit or miami....well talk about that as it happens tho ;)
  10. haha :) yeah, I'm thinking it'll probably be detroit or miami for the east too. they're just dominating.
  11. Ima keep it Rill. I still got hope on my boy Kobe. Duke just needs to get in the zone.
  12. I hope Detroit goes down. and Im kinda hoping Lebron does good, hes gonna show everyone how good he is by carying his team.
  13. San Antonio will win it all. They play D and unlike the Pistons, they are deep.
  14. aw, suns lost tonight. :(

    clippers tomorrow night! :D
  15. Dallas Mavericks all the way! Avery Johnson just got Coach of the Year, Dirk is up for the MVP award... you can't ignore the Mavs! This is our year!

    -Antwan L.
  16. I wanna see the clippers go far, but I doubt they'll get past 2nd round.
    Going to have to go with miami for this one (dwyane wade is amazing)
  17. i've watched pretty much every game so are my predictions for the first round...

    Pistons over Bucks 4-0
    Heat over Bulls 4-1
    Nets over Pacers 4-2
    Cavs over Wizards 4-3

    Spurs over Kings 4-0
    Lakers over Suns 4-3
    Clippers over Nuggets 4-1
    Mavs over Grizzlies 4-0
  18. Allright c'mon people, everyone knows, in the back of their head, that San Antonio is gonna take it all. They are the epitome of unbeatable in the playoffs, awesome D, and depth like crazy.

  19. The pistons play D. they hold people to like 80 points.
  20. Cut it out!!!

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