Nba Playoffs

Discussion in 'General' started by GibKing, May 29, 2013.

  1. About toke and watch the pacers game, lets go pacers!

    Spurs vs Pacers in the finals IMO
  2. LOL
    In your dreams my brother.
    As soon as the brackets were set, it was obvious it would end up being Spurs vs Heat.
    305 til' I die. 
  3. We do have an official NBA thread in the sports section.
    Spurs taking it all. Get your 5th ring Timmy!
    Pop > Spoelstra
  4. Even if Pacers win tonight I don't think they have a chance in the series.  Spurs have a shot but the heat are the favorite to win it all at this point IMO.
  5. They got this, defense wins championships.
  6. Spurs gonna win it all. Duncan = best PF ever
  7. That's the game with the orange ball and that one Asian guy, right?
  8. Jeremy Lin
  9. No nuggets :/ And I stopped watching when the clips lost :/ 

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