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  1. About to pop this in, drink my morning coffee and smoke a bowl. Can't wait to get into this game, basketball is my favorite sport so I pretty much play it year round. Not sure who I wanna start out as first, my sixers are pretty terrible though Embiid should have a decent rating even though he's hurt. Charlotte is intriguing, as is Minnesota now that they have wiggins.

    Anyone else picking this up today?
  2. Got it at 12..serious input lag online ...Hope they patch it up soon
  3. What is with 2k and online? Its 2014, they should be able to provide a stable online game.

    Also not a fan of the required spurs bulls game to start things off.
  4. I'm playing a myCareer as a PG with the T'wolves.. Just got signed to a 10-day deal. Trying to make the most of my opportunity. lol
    What do you think of the game?
    Impressed/Not impressed/ Its Aight? 
  5. anyone else agree 15's gameplay is largely similar to 14?  Haven't tried the new modes yet
  6. Not feeling the gameplay..I feel like it's getting worst each year
  7. I liked 14s gameplay better. But I always played the previous games on 360. I just recently started playing PS4. It's still a cool game though. myCareer was definitely improved. 
  8. I came up with a backstory for my ghetto sounding white point guard out of temple. Highly recruited out of high school he ended up in a scandal involving unmentionables and prostitutes causing him to fall out of the draft. With his head finally on straight he signs a 10 day contract with the Orlando magic...

    Seriously though....what is up with these voice options?
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    why did you get to play spurs and bulls?  I had to play spurs and heat 3 times while it installed.
    only thing I don't like about it, and it's seemed especially worse since ps4 came out, is that defensive players you control always feel slow as fuck.  I had 14 on 360 and it was still true but not as bad.  then I got it on ps4 and it was really bad.  it's still just as bad if not worse on 15.
    overall I really like the game though.
  10. I agree. I liked 2k14 better on 360. Defense is hard but i just adjust the sliders a little bit. I think the myCareer mode is an upgrade tho for sure. 
  11. Yeah I meant spurs heat
  12. I'm buying this tomorrow...I love nba 2k, but I literally never play it online cuz you can't really play it right due to lag...I don't understand why when you play for instance first person shooters online there is literally no lag whatsoever, but with nba 2k it's not even really worth playing because of the delayed reaction and lag...sounds like it's the same this year...I honestly don't get it...but definitely an amazing series other than that and I'm sure this will be the same.
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    pretty sure my myplayer got deleted when the servers went down today, smh.
    and I don't like the story for this years my player as much.  the mode itself is better, it's cool hearing the players voices and shit.  but it's cooler to be a top draft pick than some scrub who got signed to a 10 day contract.
    and does anybody else find it impossible to actually win in myplayer?  I'll put up good ass numbers and my team usually has the lead when I'm on the floor in the first quarter.  then they take me out and put me back in with a few minutes before halftime and every time the computer players got us down like 20 while I was on the bench.
  14. It's way easier this year, imo. 
  15. Just finished my 2nd 10-day contract with the T'wolves. They signed to a 1 yr deal. I'm averaging 12.3 ppg right now. lol
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    idk last year the teams I was on were at least decent.  this year I'm on the pistons (who probably won't be as bad this year) and everytime they take me out of the game they're down 20 when I come back in.
    I think they fired the stan too somehow cause he was there the first couple games and now it's some other dude.
  17. maybe try playing on rookie for a while until you get the swing of things.
  18.  no it's not me fucking up lol, I put up 18 a game off the bench and the team has the lead when I'm on the court.  then they take me out to rest, and my team mates blow it every single game.
  19. That's what you get for not getting drafted.  :laughing:
  20. I like it better than last year..the shot bar and the added defensive moves sold me. Other than that it's pretty much the same game with worse music and an even more fucked up menu than last year's.

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