Nazi in a bar

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  1. So a Nazi walks into a bar, sits down and orders up a couple of brewskis. After getting quite hammered, he starts up a conversation with the bartender.

    Nazi: You know what? After I finish this beer, I'm going outside to kill 500 Jews and a clown.

    Stunned, the bartender asks him, "Why would you kill a clown?"

    The Nazi laughs for a minute and says, "See, nobody cares about the Jews!"

  2. haha as a nazi myself, i also found this quite humorous!
  3. Its people like mxracer0 that make this world worse. I just don't understand how a group of people could be so stupid as to follow someone like FUCKIN ADOLF HITLER. The people that are a part of the Jewish community are human beings, just like the rest of us and they deserve just as much respect and consideration as anyone else, much less hate. If you hate someone who is Jewish, that's fine. But hating them for the sole reason that they are Jewish is just ignorant.
  4. I think he was joking man
  5. Lulz.............."orange kush" shut the fuck up why u so butthurt? it was funny.
  6. LOL funny joke I'm gonna say this to someone to see if I can get the same response =)
  7. According to your sig, what you just posted is false. :eek:
  8. haha grow uppp
  9. Hahahaha, thats great.

    see it running smooth in your head, could see it happenin

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