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  1. whats up blades? i've been looking into joining the military for a while now (i have my reasons...) and one of the careers i'm most interested in is being a SWCC in the navy...

    i've been looking into it and it seems like a perfect fit for me. i was wondering if there were any other blades who have been a SWCC or know of anyone's experiences as one...i already did a search but couldn't find much. peace :cool:
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    good luck getting into SWCC. crazy hard training, however, if you pursue a different career in the navy, their basic training is a walk in the park, and basically all indoors from what i heard. like a 2 mile run, tread water for a few minutes, and swim across a pool a friend in the navy told me when he was enlisted 4-5 years back

    i went the army route myself, and did my basic at ft. jackson, which was a breeze, however, it was a non infantry training so the physical labor wasnt as demanding as if i would have trained somewhere else.

    one other thing to think about, what do u want to do in life after you get out of the service? unless you plan to stay in for 20 years and retire, think about what you want your future to be like really, cause unless you plan on being a police officer or going into private security, there isnt many career opportunities being in special forces will open up for you. but it would look damn good on a resume though for anything showing u have the leadership and dedication

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