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    Just a short phone video I made of the nautilus layback w/ octopus ashcatcher making a bubble stack/vortex when the water level is high.


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  2. Damn, I was thinking about ordering this off GC. How does it hit? How thick is the glass (I'm more concerned with the thickness of the base)? thanks:smoking:

    Looks like it stacks pretty nice though.:wave:

    EDIT: and how is the bowl that comes stock with it? usable or would I be better off getting a different one?
  3. Hits really nice, I love it. In the video the water level is way too full from 3 ice cubes melting. Normally I have it where its just covering the inline and the bubbles stack an inch or two into the tube.

    The glass is pretty good, the weakest point seems to be right below where the base meets the inline, I can pinch my fingers over it and it feels pretty thin but good enough. If it did break there I would still be able to use it, just wouldn't have a base. The inline part is probably the best constructed piece, it feels rock solid. Where the tube meets the inline isn't the prettiest weld but it looks structurally solid. The potential weakness is in the joints but I have had mine for over a month and bumped it into stuff here and there, cleaned it in very hot water many times, and its been great so far.

    The stock bowl is HUGE. I use it as a heater cover for my hakko for vaping but I would get a different bowl if smoking. GC sells a black leaf bowl with a built in glass screen and handle for like $10, I'm going to pick one up on my next order.
  4. How much did that run you man?
  5. Nautilus is $55 on GC, $75 for the larger tube, ashcatcher was $40.
  6. thank you for the review. answered exactly what i wanted:smoking: I might pick up this piece just because the amazing price(55$-10% for being a forum member)

    Did you have it shipped to the US? how long did it take?
  7. What do you think of the octopus ash catcher? What's the glass like? thickness, stem quality, diffusion effectiveness? I've also heard that water can easily be sucked out.

    thanks for the video!
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    I ordered mine sometime in June and it took about 2 weeks to get to the midwest USA. Even for double the price it would be awesome, brand name inlines are $200-$350 for a basic one and similar ashcatchers run $100+. I'm definitely glad I bought this and I'm still glad I got the smaller one, its a perfect vaporbong setup for me.

    I think the octopus is great. It feels totally solid in your hand like holding a quality bubbler. The perc arms are good quality and create lots of diffusion. I've poked around them with qtips and given it a lot of hot water/iso/salt/shaking cleaning sessions and its still flawless. The weld to the male gong joint is a potential weak point as the glass thins out there but the weld on mine is actually very clean and solid, even cleaner than on my naulitus (I'm sure this varies from piece to piece). I was thinking of getting the $15 glass extention/pipe thing from black leaf and just using the octopus as a lil bubbler on its own.

    When I sit it in the nautilus it is tilted at a 45 degree angle and the water barely covers the top slit on the highest arm of the tree but it still works fine. Unless you are pulling super hard when you clear it, it won't suck water into the bong. Since my setup is small I just tilt it a little when I hit it and its straight.

    edit: got back my flip video

    Nautilus Vapor Milk Shot
  9. Another video. This one is longer and and I tried to get some close up bubble action towards the end. This was the first take and the wand wasn't hot enough yet so I didn't get a big hit, I as trying to show that the bowl was still green but it was too blurry.

    [ame=]Nautilus + Hakko - YouTube[/ame]

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