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nausea and dizziness?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by barfdog17, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. here's a question for some long time smokers... or anyone that can answer it :smoking:

    i picked up an 8th of hindu kush today at a dispensary in oakland and smoked with some friends out of a hookah with shisha mixed in, halfway through i noticed that i was getting extremely warm, sweaty, dizzy and nauseas. I've been smoking green on a daily basis for about half a year now and have never had this happen to me. It was so bad i went to the can, stuck my fingers down my throat and solved the nausea that way. I've only smoked out of a hookah a few times and was taking enormous hits, i don't normally smoke tobacco and my friend stuck 2 coals on the bowl.

    any ideas? was it the shisha, the big hits, the combination of them? i dunno, so i ask all yall
  2. I've been smoking just about every day for about 3-4 months now, and it happens to me... very rarely tho and I never mix tabacco and I only use a bong or pipe to smoke.

    I think its just smoking too much weed too quick. My guess is it was the massive hits.
  3. Might have been b/c of the tobacco. I always use herb to cure any nausea that I may have. So no idea besides that.
  4. yeah after thinking about it more i think i figured it was between extra-authentic mexican food, lol, and the fact that there was a crapload more tobacco than weed and i was taking big hits to maximize the THC intake :smoking:

    im the same way, kush, i use it often to cure nausea so that's why i was like wtF?

    thanks for the help though, im just gonna bring my glass over next time i smoke with him, that should solve the problem
  5. I am thinking it may be the Tobacco that caused the reaction...

    But.. I remember WAY back when I was new to smoking weed, I would say it was around 1997 or so. I smoked a pinner joint to myself but the quality of dope was great (likely similar to a Kush in potency). I had what we called back then a "green out" where you feel very nauseous/dizzy and literally green in the face. I was pretty much out of commission for what felt like an eternity but was more likely 1 or 2 hours but never threw up or even felt like I was going to. It was not a pleasant experience but the only time I had a negative reaction to weed.

    It could have been either or a combination of both. The more you smoke the more you will notice your ability to handle the trip. Similar to Alcohol... One thing that you did that is a huge NO-NO is forcing yourself to puke... that is very unhealthy to do and also can become quite habitual. From an experienced toker/shroomer/acid dropper/coker and whatever else I've done I would strongly advise you to NEVER FORCE YOURSELF TO PUKE!
  6. that shit happens alot to many people. its a common thing to hookah and smoke a few bowls or joints along with it. For the people who rarely expereinced a mix of tree/hookah, they are usually the ones going to the can. I am pretty sure its the tobacco in the hookah since taking huge rips is fun and playing witht he smoke. Like when you roll spliffs (cig tobacco/tree) some people get headaches or light headness feeling. Its happened to me when i faded and hookahed for the first time, but after that it never happened again. dont worry, it'll get better and hookaing and fading is the bessst thing to do to get extremely baked imo. toke on! :smoke:

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