Naughty's Back...Dinafem R.H., Afghani and Sandstorm 600watt closet go!

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  1. What kind of light do you use on the lettuce? I might have to grow some this winter!

  2. Its just under a mixed spectrum 16 inch tube ballast and a single 26 watt cfl...i just repotted it on Sunday or Monday and it has already taken over this six inch pot...I am toying with the idea of putting it into a 2 gallon bucket just to see how big i can get it since it is one of my favorite lettuces...:D
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    thanks my man! yea the SS is taking off I can actually see results from the first picture I put up on it from Monday to today...I am extremely excited about this strain:

    Sand Storm (by Cannabiogen) Sand Storm]Sand Storm]Sand Storm (by Cannabiogen) :: SeedFinder :: Strain Info
    A great plant to make hashish from two great hashish lines, both 100% indica: the mother, an indica from the Chitral Kush region coupled with an exceptional male clone from Arabene, Morroco. It gives very dense nuggets covered with resin.

    These plants need to be ventilated well when the buds start putting weight and density. This sweet scented plant is potent, productive and easy to grow.

    Vegetative period: Minimum 30 days for high performance.

    Indoors: 55-65 days
  4. built my first carbon scrubber...its a true mini and I am unsure if it will do the job, so I will make another to attach to this new blower I picked up the other day....brought the first one from walmart for 45...went back a couple of days ago to pickup another expecting to pay another 45...since its end of it for 25 :eek:

    so I plan on getting a 6 to 4 Inch Y adapter if they exist...attach two of these little filters...I think that should do the job....

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  5. HIya mate:wave:

    Looking good...Nice to see a vet back on the boards, welcome back man..:D

  6. Thanks BUDSLiNGER...its good to be back around the city...lots changed since ive been gone...I see the city has received a lot of OG I was around it was a lot smaller place :D
  7. Ok since I am a bit nervous with my growing conditions, I went on ahead and built a diy carbon scrubber under the impression that this thing would not do much of anything....boy I am dead wrong...had some minor problems after modifying the blower with a clinking noise when the blower is messed with too is sorted for now, but went and dug out the receipt in case it goes bad...but for now its doing a job that i did not think has completely eliminated any sweet smell of still could not believe how well it worked so went up in the room with a big fat bowl and smoked i still want to add another one to this blower because I am still unsure how effective it will be...but then again, I could probably hook one of these directly up to my blow tube....

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  8. Morning ND, now that's one Cool Scrubber you Made Bro!!!

    Are we Having Fun Yet!!!

  9. Thanks bro! this is the first time i have ever considered controlling smell...but circumstances deem it...i love all my neighbors...even the cop couple...but there is a line that i cannot cross obviously...:D
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    Well this is an organic I guess other organic issues can be discussed as they apply to the goodness in my garden...I have gone ahead and decided to make a mini co2 generator for shits and it serves a dual purpose because the end product will be drank...!

    What I am doing...I have purchased about 12-15 plums...didnt count them and will put in a 2 gallon bucket and allow it to ferment while these plants are in flower....i know this will create a decent amount of co2 so, why not? never done this here is a quick pictorial....any comments welcome...!

    bag of plums

    2 gallon bucket

    pull off the stickers and wash

    fill the water line level to the plums sitting in the bucket

    find an available corner in your grow space

    put a cover over, but DO NOT SEAL IT WILL EXPLODE!!!!

    Yes this will stink...but, if you like the smell of wine, then this is what you will mostly smell...if you have any type of flying insect in your garden, it will be drawn to this bucket...its best to let them be...they will contribute to the breakdown process and stay away from your plants....

    after 21 days...remove this bucket out of the closet....and grab another two gallon bucket...filter all of this material to the second bucket...what is most important make sure the fermented fruit is separated from the clean bucket....strain the remaining fruit and discard.....

    at this point, you can transfer your liquid back into the original will need to ensure you have about a pound of regular cane sugar....dump it in the bucket and stir it it back in the closet for another 21 days to finish the process....during this whole time, this brew should generate plenty of co2...not sure how much per volume...but a decent amount naturally....

    one other thing to add....this mix contains no added wine is technically not needed since the fermenting fruit creates its own yeast...and i believe the temps we deal with could destroy the added yeast cultures...they don't like it above 85 degrees....but the wild yeast can tolerate temps up into the 100's..

    "The overall process of fermentation is to convert glucose sugar (C6H12O6) to alcohol (CH3CH2OH) and carbon dioxide gas (CO2). The reactions within the yeast to make this happen are very complex but the overall process is as follows:

    C6H12O6 ====> 2(CH3CH2OH) + 2(CO2)
    Sugar ====> Alcohol + Carbon dioxide gas
    (Glucose) (Ethyl alcohol)

    Note: The sugars used can be a range of fermentable sugars. These sugars are converted by enzymes to glucose which is then convered to alcohol and CO2"

    (Alcoholic fermentation, of sugar into CO2 and alcohol)

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  11. looking nice! these things always are slow until bud time...don't get down on it!

    once those plums start to really get going fermenting, put a fan in that corner to blow any CO2 over toward the plants. have a good one!

  12. Thanks a bunch man...i would have completely forgotten to do add that and
    i forgot how it went...I'm like a noob around here and until a couple of good grows get underway no one is really following or until the porn comes :D its all good though...if anything I can go back and look at how things looked at an earlier point to keep a closer eye on deficiencies...

    on a bit of good news, my replacement tds meter got here today...should come in handy...checked my tap was like 104 to 107 ppm with a pH of 8.0...I bring the pH down to 5.8-5.9 for waterings, but the ppm is going to go up...whats a good range to stay under for ppm? I prepare water and fill in 1 gallon containers
  13. Naughty, I like the scrubber set up man! How loud is it and do you run it full throttle or have in on a rheostat or something similar?

  14. Hey wassup up Poss...thanks for stopping in man and thanks about the blower...believe it or not this blower is not loud at all...i have one running in my closet to exhaust heat and i actually hear my fan over top of the running far I have not run it at full throttle and it is kinda of neat because it has 3 adjustable settings plus 2 extra socket inputs.
  15. good day folks...thought I would pop in and do a daily update...:wave:

    the plums have started splitting and the bubbles have this process is underway and by the end of the week this thing should be generating good ol co2...

    and just a quick shot of whats going on...4 days in 6 expected to go for pre-flowers....

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  16. I agree, that's one slick DIY scrubber Naughty! I've seen those Stanley blowers modified all sorts of ways, and yours is easily one of the cleanest mods I've seen.

    Plum wine... nice touch :)

  17. thanks bro! means a bunch! :D
  18. good morning all! 5 days into flowering, the stretch is on...but still no pre-flowers....oh well....this part sucks...the anticipation that you will be hit in the face with a ball sack on closer inspection....not cool...:eek:

    anyways, i am very excited that i get to pickup a blueberry clone she will be handled with extreme care and diligence while i get her in order...i will most likely just keep her as a mother.

    my sandstorm appears to be doing just ok...looks like it started well but I am a little nervous about what appears to be slight yellowing, but its kinda hard to tell...i will pay close attention...

    I have not quite figured out why i have so many problems with these seedlings in this coir, i may change a couple of things around all together as a side experiment...omitting marine cuisine and lime for the first 2 weeks of growth...just going with straight coir, perilite and watering with a solution of epsoms until transplanting into a 1 gallon with the MC...have not got to it yet, but will give it a try.

    I am pretty sure I may be back on later today with for that second cup of coffee and a nice bong hit :cool:
  19. Looks like preflowers on one of the candidates...
  20. Good afternoon all...finally got some the R.H. has started throwing flowers...the other R.H is not showing anything yet...the Afghani is confusing me, it needs a day or two more and I will know for sure...I see a single pistol, really hard to see and almost looks green, but not I will just wait...only 6 days in....:rolleyes:

    the plums are doing work as to speak...they have started the fermentation process...lotsa of bubbles

    next 3 pictures are of the 1 confirmed female the one almost confirmed and the one just hanging out



    a group shot and the plum wine in the middle

    I am a little concerned about the Sandstorm...a little yellow...flushed it out a day ago...but not sure how to proceed now...will most likely re-pot today reducing the marine cuisine....any suggestions anyone? I water with 5.8 pHd water...runoff is still at 7.0....not sure if the pellatized lime is interfering...
    but it does look better and has actually grown a bit...the very tips are greening a little so I may just flush again and hold..

    one of my other ghanis...the topping worked out really well...will put it in flower end of this week

    and a shot of the last one...same age but the stem is as thick as a thinking possible male

    well...gotta lot of work to do a bunch of coir to rinse and hydrate lol....thinking of repotting but unsure....I will have to do something with my jalpenos in my aerogarden...they have gone a little nuts lol

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