Naughty's Back...Dinafem R.H., Afghani and Sandstorm 600watt closet go!

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    Wow...don't even know where to has been years since I have been on board and this place has grown a lot more than what I was used to 7 years ago lol...anyways, I want to say welcome to you all and I know a lot of you are old school OG mi-graters and I am looking forward to sharing ideas and comments with you all...

    My top concern is security and I have a couple of weeks to work out smell issues...My neighbors, a couple, are city oh well...this shit keep my shit real tight.

    I am an avid organic type of guy...I just love the taste...the look the my opinion nothing can compare to it if grown under the right conditions. I am by far not as versed as some of you guys on here, but I think I can still produce something nice!

    Well what I have decided to try for a medium was coir...I was using it for another application (which I cannot discuss due to forum policies) and while browsing trying to re-educate myself on the hobby, I came across AskEd's coco guide...having a hard time posting a nice clean link so Ill come back to that...but it is found under the hyrdro section in a subforum. From after reading and seeing the results I was sold.
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    I started out with coir that had obtained from the pet store...the brand was Pet Med...I am not sure if it is completely useless, but I had terrible results with it initially starting out. Believe it or not I had actually started this project during the first week of believe up to date, I may have killed about 20 seedlings...scratching my head but not giving up. If you bare with me, I will explain what happened to the best of my abilities and from observation.

    You would think with the initial problems I had I was brand new to this project, but then again, many years have elapsed since I have taken an interest.

    I had initially put some photos up on an experimental coco mix but I don't think I am going to post on that thread anymore...It got a bit rude for me to post my pictures on that thread and someone called me out on it...kinda made me get a little hot hear I am...

    The first set of pictures are the same plants from September 30th posted in the Coco Experiment I had recently repotted all of these plants due to realizing the coir that I had needed to be rinsed...the Zoo Med coir had too much salt and was too hard to rinse...even after rinsing it, I still had bad results with the seedlings burning up...but on October 3rd today...the worse one has completely turned around as I expected it would in about 3 days time...I am happy with this and have only been adding 5.9 h2o...nothing else...

    you can see the damaged leaf below the new set...

    I then moved on the general hydroponics coir...more neutral and boosted on the label low salt...I didnt think to rinse it and ended up with the same results of burn...yet these seedlings held on a little bit better than in the zoo med...

    So from realizing I was using too much Marine Cuisine which boost NPK values of 10-7-7, I reduced the amount added to 2 gallons of coir. After re-rinsing, I added 4 tbsp of Marine Cuisine, 4 tbsp of pellatized lime...

    I have a total of 6 going right now...3 royal haze...pictured below..this one here was severely stunted...but in 4 days

    here is the other has also made a nice recovery after holding on for so long

    here is one of Afghani...coming along after its round of stunted growth

    And my last 2 shots of my best looking suspected male...I topped him 2 days ago and already have started growing 2 new shoots...the side growth has been amazing and if I can recall even with some of my earlier grows i dont think I have ever been this tight unless I was doing lst...and thats all I used to do...this round, not going to bother with it...have not topped any of the hazes because they will be around for a while...not a top preference, but ill work with it...I currently also have a sandstorm and another afganhi germinating in my aerogarden.

    I am impressed with the node spacing on this barely any...I love indicas

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    And this is whats going to make me very happy in a couple of the exhaust for heat running up into the attic...please dont mind Sponge Bob lol[​IMG]

    and my 600 watt cool tube hooked up to a Stanley Blower...using that bad ass mod...this thing is awesome...ran the light on a test run with the door completely shut...temp didnt rise above 85 and will surely go lower once the temps drop around here...

    well, i guess thats enough for now...I still have plenty to project is working on that carbon scrubber...hopefully will have it complete next week since I plan on flowering in about 2 weeks...not sure how much I will update, but will as time permits....good to be back fellas!
  4. As a side experiment, once I get to flowering, I am going to throw a bucket of fermenting plums in the closet...I kinda figure, since I have started making my own plum wine in five gallon buckets, why waste the co2? It seems to produce quite a bit from what I have seen...

    I can imagine the horror you guys must be thinking about this...believe it or not, I am not introducing any yeast and i am not brewing beer so it should not smell too bad lol, but it will have a strong smell of wine which will be tolerable and probably beneficial as an additional smell agent. It kinda helps I was showing my wine off to my neighbors yesterday and boasting about my plum trees...

    I decided to top the royal's I was pleased with the results on the afghani i I kinda figured why not...

    the sandstorm has produced a taproot so it is time to get some coir together and get it along with the other afghani...
  5. I might have to also adjust for watering needs...the ghani seems fine with 16 oz of phd 5.9 water every other day...the royal seems to want a little more than is also in a one gallon for veg...but seemed to have drooped a little due to lack of water...I gave it another 16 oz...and will most likely give it 32 oz every other day going forward...
  6. Well not really sure if the royal needed more water or less...gave it the xtra water last night and it didn't seem to care for it but went back to its normal self this morning...I went on ahead and rerinsed the coir that I had sitting aside...that I never rinsed in the first place...I really need to repot the other 3 because they are really starting to take off..

    My best lookin afghani has started showing the two new shoots from the top I gave about 3 days ago...I do hope this thing is female...
  7. Geez some views no comments...must not be interesting enough, lol....ill still keep plugging away...I remember my soil grows from back in the day...loving this coir...want to talk about simple...

    Well, I am trying to figure out how much water exactly this Royal Haze droops every evening before lights out...give it some water and in the morning its back...perky, but not completely.

    The Afghan had the same prob last night and was corrected with water...these 2 are drinking a lot more or at least want more water than I have been giving...

    My Sandstorm is up so I guess I can add that to the list...If i have time tonight, I will plant it...I have taken to germinating all my seeds to my aerogarden...its a lot easier than the paper towel method...

    I got some new shots I am going to put up...I am going to flower the afghan sept 9th and r.h. sept 9 within the next couple of weeks...I am really want to know what I am working with...sure do hope some fems....:D


    I am thinking of adding a little mag to this one...she seems to be just a tiny bit pale...would anyone agree? thanks

    this bad boy or girl is going nutz...the two new shots are developing nicely and the undergrowth is well, a jungle...

    this lil afghani is making a nice little recovery...I am really thinking I will repot tonight...if not then I will do so tomorrow...

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  8. hmmm seems im the only one commenting on my thread lol
  9. *LOL* sorry's ok Blades and Bladies...NaughtyDread doesn't Bite Hard!!!

    Looking Good Bro...when Transplanting might want to use some Proper Pots...Clear ones won't cut it.

    Hoping you Get lots of Fem's ND!!!

  10. ahhh post from you is worth a thousand visits lol....yeah the clear ones only for starting...have taken to taping them up to prevent light exposure to the roots...I am actually going to stop with those things all together and go get some proper starter pots...either that or jiffys for my aerogarden to start them in...

    I just said fuck it with mr or mrs RH...i went on ahead and repotted it into a 2 gallon to finish it up.... I cannot determine where the hell the droop comes from.. it is not fully erected, but it is not as droopy as it was after lights out last night...what I dont understand, the other RH that was just transplanted today and topped at the same time has all erect leaf...the only other thing I can thing of to do is stop watering a couple of days...3 atleast to see if this is the prob...I have never grown in coir, but flexibility with the medium seems to be a big plus.

    what makes me water is because at the end of the night...the siding is pulled inward as if these things have sucked out as much water as possible...but the coir still remains moist...idk...? could be strain related but then again I am just not sure because the ghani acts similar...could be a little to cool for them at night...bcuz when lights go on the ghani is back to its nice lil perky self, the RH remains semi erect and then droops...well I have the hps running and i have 3 basking in its light while the other 4 younger ones sit below under the cfls with supplemental hps light...

    I am getting ready to run out and grab a couple other 2 gallon buckets from home depot for the ghanis which one got repotted a couple of minutes ago...

    Went on ahead and got the sandstorm out of the aerogarden and potted her (feminized) into a one gallon pot....hopefully this recycled coir that was thoroughly rinsed does the job...gotta run also and grab a couple of coco bricks...I am eyeing this zoo med brick I have but I know what the result will

    I will have pics up later...
  11. Jeez now if I can just get my trainwrecked ass up and go to the store lol....I am wondering and so wondering so if I should grab some superthrive? dammit 22 miles to the damn hydro store...googling for something
  12. Looking good bro! I like how you were able to save those girls. I'm on my second grow now and am having troubles with seedlings. They're growing really slow but I think I have saved mine as well by flushing with 5.8 ph water an added some cal mag and superthrive. I am also growing in coco.

  13. thanks bro! did you get a brick or bag of coir? Ive learned even if the packaging says pH neutral, rinse that shit to get the salt will cause a tremendous amount of problems for seedlings lol...anything else you using in your mix? I only used Marine Cuisine and Lime...watering with pH adjusted water...I think I was doing so too much....

    come back from the store...held off on the superthrive for now...I will see how things come along...

    the ghani has bounced back royal haze is readjusting to the new 2 gallon bucket...probably will droop for the next day or two...not worried at the moment...I think it will bounce back nicely...going to hold on the calmag also...
  14. I bought big bricks from htg supply. I did a 70/30 coco/perlite with some dolomite peletized lime. I have since flushed my airpots that I transplanted to heavily with 5.8 distilled before the transplants. My roots were growing heavily out of the red cups they were planted in. I think in the future I will plant the seeds directly in the smaller air pots.

    Thanks for the insight!


  15. no prob running a journal?

    I am kinda playing around with some pictures so hopefully this isnt too is my Afghan...the topping was a very big is throwing two new stems and doesnt seem like it wants to get any taller...just got her in a one gallon and will push her up to 2 or 3 for flowering within the next 10 days or so...

    the first day of supplemental hps seemed to be a good deal...kept the closet door closed and the temps didnt climb above 82...


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  16. eww...dont know if I am going to roll with this size again...a little large...but such anyone with Afghani experience can comment on those deep purple stems..? I am pretty damn sure this is a genetic trait and not a mg issue...thanks
  17. Okay here is number two royal haze a week behind number 1 which I am starting to nickname "droop" lol

    if you take a look at the rim of the pot you can see that the coir has already drawn itself in...possible the plant has already sucked up that much water for the day...this is her new home and she didnt droop on the transplant, however, number 1 did and still remains, droopy

  18. and here is the infamous droopy think it will come along...shit it already has been through hell...sure it doesnt mine stepping back for a bit lol

  19. Oh yeah, she liked that. I plan on topping 4 of my 5. I'll start a journal and send you a link as to not hijack this one. Good work! I got home today and mine definitely perked up from the transplant last night. :)

  20. good just realized i topped that ghani 3 days ago...damn it seemed so long ago...pretty good growth from 3 days ago...these hazes are a royal pain in the ass lol...i topped them 2 days ago...they are a little slower, but coming along...i dont have that 600 on the timer, so I am going to go cut it off...other lights should be going off here shortly

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