Naughty's Back...Dinafem R.H., Afghani and Sandstorm 600watt closet go!

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  1. Ok lights are out...this is weird though..I am not running an 18-6, I am running 16-8 for shits and giggles...went to shut off the big light manually and went on ahead and put it on the timer for tomorrow morning...the rh #2 which was just repotted today into a 1 gallon did the same damn thing as rh#1 and the now I am banging my head again against the wall...I am refusing to water because it is just not possible that they want this much water in just a single day, plus the coir is moist so fuk it, they can go thirsty for the next 2 days or so...

    Now in the effort to try and find out what the hell and why the hell these things do this, I have found that sometimes they just do. I even read they sometimes droop in anticipation of lights off...but then in the morning they are back up again...and appear you know what...someone chime in...have they had this happen? I am not going to worry about it if this is what they just like to do every now and then...the only time I ever saw this in soil is when they were thirsty,..:rolleyes:
  2. well as expected they are back perky again this morning...rh#1 is still kinda droopy, but at least not as bad as before lights out...the afghan is pretty much back in full perk status and so is rh#2...I have another ghani i need to repot far a very impressive looking specimen brought back from a beginning life of torture :D

    ill have pictures of it later today...the sandstorm is also adjusting well into its new 1 gallon home and I have a random bagseed that is looking really nice also...!
  3. I am back on to get the pictures from today on here...I am not sure how long I will last...pretty trainwrecked right now lol :smoke: anyways...i will do the best I can.

    I am sure that the royal haze number 1...meaning my first of two plants is sick in some fashion...I have poured over all available material to try and identify my problem, but continue to come up short on actually identifying the problem...well maybe sick is too strong a word...I think it may be a possible pH issue...I will take a runoff when I water again the day after tomorrow...I have not checked on any of them in some hours and the lights are out for now, but I am sure there will be the returned droop.

    i know it something simple..just have not put my hand on it yet...

    this next one is my ghani responding well to the topping performed 4 days ago...I am going to go on ahead and repot it into a 2 gallon tomrrw...

    and for now I am going to turn in, the train has hit my ass lol...going to bed.....

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  4. I ran a run off test on the rh#1 in the effort to try to figure out this drooping situation...I have really become concerned because the fans are perky at the stem, but the leaves are starting to turn inward...after the runoff test even with treating with pH adjusted water down to 5.0 was still at 7.5...way too high but I am unsure how to bring the pH down in this coir mix....whats so confusing is the afghani and the other rh2 have absolutely no is a little frustrating...bout to give up on this thing and let it just do whatever...if it decides to pull through then so be have 6 others ready to take its place..

    I am thinking within the next week or so I should see some preflowers...the afghani is looking very positive...i am about 50/50 on possible female...the growth that has exploded is a little bit more than I would have anticipated...I know I just put it in a one gallon, but I am getting ready to throw her in a 2 gallon bucket to finish up...most likely will do that tomorrow...
  5. Here are the other photos that I did not post from last night...kinda pointless since the plants have already changed in appearance lol




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  6. Well today was the day I wanted to go 12/12 but I guess thats not happening lol...I have so much to do in my space and I have not lifted a finger...pure laziness and I will be disappointed with my end I will be getting my ass in gear tomorrow after finishing up some other work...not sure how long that will take me...

    I need to mylar the walls and I have a whole role just chillin...I have not built my carbon scrubber yet but really need to get on top of this...I have 7 going in various stages and only catch a faint whiff only when I am in the room that they are hanging out in...I am not sure if the majority of the smell is being taken out by this blower...I am sure it is because it pulls my closet door shut...

    Well..I am not throwing up any pictures today...I will wait a couple of days...I have some repotting to do tomorrow also...I didnt move my ghani as expected today into the 2 gallon...because I haven't rinsed my coir bricks yet...but will probably do so tonight...I guess I will go ahead and put the guano in since I am go to throw it into flower within the next couple of days...the two new tops are producing a massive amount of new growth as they should...i love the shape of these maple like and the smell is so skunk just really hashy smelling.

    I was thinking also as a side project and as an experiment to use my guinea pigs poo after drying for a couple of days, crushing and turning into a tea...I kinda figure why not? shit...all they do is eat vegetable matter...they are like little cows and will go through a bale of timothy hay in a why not?
    I will only experiment on one plant and see how it likes it...
  7. Well...ill keep pluggin away...seems I just dont have anything of interest to catch attention...some comments and questions would be first journal in years and well...sooooooo since this mostly to myself I

    I finally got off my ass and finished up my closet...i am actually pretty damn proud of it now...

    maybe now since my space looks all shiny and shit ill get some attention lol

    I will be changing some things up for tomorrow...I may build a shelf for my vegn plants to hang out on and just use the closet for flower...but this arrangement for now can temporarily work until the end of the week or so before switching to 12/12

    Now this ghani has got to be the best plant I have ever grown...once those side shoots came in from the top...the thing has really taken off...i am thinking I should see some pre-flowers here shortly...the growth would make you believe it were a male, but i have reservations...

    Even the droopy RH is finally seeming to stop with the droop...the fans are getting humongous...almost as big as my hand if not bigger

    I thought the new growth to be a bit pale green on a couple of the plants and went on ahead and treated them 1 tbsp of epsoms...I think that should take care of that prob...

    and just one last shot of these 2 coming along nicely

    picked up another stanley blower to make a carbon scrubber with...on sale at walmart for 25 bucks rather than the standard 45...

    any comments from anyone would be welcome...talking to yourself is a little weird lol

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  8. im bumping this shit till it gets attention these look that bad I cant get any city love?:D
  9. going to pickup up some additional coir bricks today and a couple more 2 gallon buckets....

    also going to modify the other blower I picked up last night for 25 bucks at walmart....trying to play around with the best design in my head to get this thing built....I was thinking of mounting it on a board and building a piece that will actually support the filter while its level to the blower on the I can just pickup up the board moving it to wherever its needed most....just a thought...

  10. One up

  11. back to the top...comment fellas ...starting to think this looks like shit lol
  12. nice lil ones u have....looking forward to the end
  13. Dude, your garden looks official like a ref with a whistle! I wouldn't be concerned with the 'droop' you are talking about. I can't really see it in any of the pics, and I'm assuming if the plant isn't loosing any're prob fine. Just let it be. I actually think the droop you see might be natural...but I'm no expert.

  14. thank ya thank too lol! doing a lot more work with this area tomorrow while the wife is at work...and then i can work in peace lol...I am wanting to throw these into flower next week...i am quite anxious to see what I am dealing with...

  15. lol thanks Dude...! Its been about 4 or 5 years since I have done this and its with a completely different medium from what i have ever used...this coir shit is nice...that droop lol you can't see it? its weird...but i know it had something to either do with pH or its just a slow recoverer from being transplanted twice in a week and a topping...other than that the fans are now bigger than my hand...i am kinda bummed out that i didnt put enough coir in that bucket leaving it about 4 inches short of coir ....i think I am going to have to lift it out and add some more coir...
  16. The marine cuisine although nice has still made me have to treat these young ones over the next couple of days with one tbsp of epsom per gallon of water until this mag issue is stated by everyone else who uses coir...this is one element needed and these plants when grown on this shit or susceptible to mag deficiencies...

    I re-potted one of the other royals tonight in a 2 gallon bucket and will allow it to adjust for a day or two before flowering..might just hold till friday and go then
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    Well decided to go on ahead and make some changes and put my 3 largest in 12/12...this would consist of my afghani and the 2 royal hazes...I am prompted because I had repotted into the 2 gallons and introduced bat guano...planned on vegn for another week but i have noticed a tiny bit of nitro burn...figured best way to resolve this problem is to go on ahead and let them flower...this is only on the two royals which I don't think I will ever grow again due to the fight they have given me....the afghani on the other hand seems to have liked it which further brings me to a personal point that I like growing indicas better lol

    So what I ended up doing was moving the vegn station from the closet into the actual room itself...immediately there was a temp drop in the flower closet of over 8 degrees...went from a 91-92 down to 84 problem solved with a slight temperature imbalance...

    here they sit nice and comfortable in their new spot...I am kinda curious to see how this will work out will the natural light of day is gone...since it is getting darker quicker everyday, the only problem I have been having is fighting with the hps light as far as trying to mute me a crazy s.o.b. but across the street live a couple who are both law enforcement in the effort to not be out of the ordinary and since my room faces the street, I have playing with overhead lights for muting the bright orange which is working reasonably well. I have since hung a heavy painters canvas over top of the doorway which is working relatively well for the time being.

    Now that I have moved the veg station in front of the two main windows, this should help with muting the light...will know more tonight. If you wondering why I just don't do something to cover up the window from the light, its because I want this to seem as normal as possible. Plus it helps that all my neighbors know that I am an avid indoor gardener, giving my herbs and vegetables to them from time to I am helping my neighbor out in his garden next year because he doesnt have a clue...tired of seeing the man come up short year after year lol

    Here is one of my other ghanis in veg...had some slight problems with what appeared to be a Mg issue...and she has been receiving a dose of epsom to resolve..i think it will do just fine

    not much to say about this one yet...but several weeks from now we will have a discussion...this is my sandstorm..

    this is just a random shot of my romaine lettuce...also growing in coir

    Here is another afghani...appears to be having no issues at the moment

    Here is a shot of the 3 potential candidates that are going into flower starting tonight..I might consider re-potting the 2 that are in 2 gallons into 5 gallon buckets.

    A shot of my afghani

    Here is the other royal haze...slight nitro burn...but will resolve out by the end of this week since they are going on 12/12 *(that was not nitro burn...the up curl of the leaf and light coloring indicated an Mg has resolved itself)

    And here is the Royal Haze number 1 re-potted into a 5 gallon container...some issues with MG...has been treated and again should work itself out...stand by for some preflower reports...

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  18. up to the top...looking for comments ladies and gents:D
  19. Got 3 more coir bricks yesterday...need to grab some more perilite and go on ahead and construct this carbon filter...since separating everyone and setting up the separate veg area, the aroma has started and these two ghanis producing the smell are quite the timer up for 12/12 cycle and I am not sure I got it dialed in 6:30 looks like Ill sit there waiting for the lights to go off.

    I also need to grab some plums because I am seriously considering fermenting them in the closet because of all of the co2 that will produce...still playing around with it.
  20. HIGH All, I mean What Nice Romaine Lettuce!!!!

    Looking Good Bro.....Looks like things are Growing Well....the SS is Looking perky.

    It Looks Like Your Having Fun....and That's The Main Thing ND!!

    Much Respect!!!

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