Nature's Nectar?

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  1. has anybody heard of this? my hydro store carries it in N,P and K
    thinking about going organic but i know its a lot of damn work and since my grow isnt at my house i dont think its possible
  2. Organic growing is not a lot of work, over the last 25 years I have grown every way out there and here I am after 17 years on chemicals and now 8 years ORGANIC I have my life back. I drive 1 3/4 hrs to get to my babies so I make it count. All I do is water and every 2x I make a tea thats it. I visit once a week, whats so hard about that? I also use Co2 and never flush and have no run off and reuse the soil for ever. I'll put my ladies up any time and win. Did I mention I have been pest free and never need to buy high priced stuff at the hydro store. I buy my supplies in the fall when on sale at garden centres. The only way to go is green.
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    I'll jump on the boat the woodsman is on. For many reasons not the least of which is ongoing maintenance, 100% organic is absolutely the closest that one will get to a maintenance-free grow. The big IF is, you have to get it right in the soil then let nature run it's course. Get your soil/nutrient package formulated and you won't be adding anything but water for the whole cycle.

    Are you growing indoors or outdoors, and what is the number-of-days you plan on growing before harvest? Certainly if you are harvesting in ~<120 days you will be golden with a well prepared soil/nutrient package.

    ps: Sorry, I know nothing about the product you originally questioned. I work with different products.

    Good luck and keep 'er green!
  4. well i havent gotten soil yet. Im thinking about getting the Fox farms ocean forest, they have it at my hydro store. he also sells a lot of soil additives but im just not sure where to start besides perlite.
  5. Im growing indoors. Can you say your bud is 100% organic if you give it all OMRI certified nutes?
  6. That depends on the specific product and the specific state/country that you live in.

    In the state of Oregon, an OMRI 'listing' (they can't 'certify' diddly-squat) is absolutely and completely worthless outside the grow store industry.


  7. im in PA. The brand he said about for NPK was natures nectar. I think ive seen kelp mean and im not sure what else he had.

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