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  1. So the first time I ever tried acid was in the summer of '08, I bought two hits off a friend of a friend of mine for $30, which was pretty steep but I really didn't know how much acid went for at that time. When I finally took the two hits I kept them under my tongue until they were pretty much disintegrated. I sat in my ex-girlfriend's house for hours waiting on this shit to kick in and it never did. I felt absolutely nothing. After that night I was convinced that I bought some bad acid or something, I never once thought I might have some sort of crazy natural tolerance to it.

    The second time I dropped acid was last night. My girlfriend and her friend had bought some "pretty potent shit" from a friend of theirs, but we only got one hit each because she had no extra money. I had nothing to eat yesterday and I took the acid around 9:30 or something. In less than an hour my girlfriend was already pretty out of it. I waited and waited and again nothing happened. I was unbelievably pissed, and I still am. I've never in my life heard of a naturally high tolerance to acid. I've heard about cross-tolerances between acid and psilocybin and shit but I've done shrooms before and I have like no tolerance to it. I do have extremely high tolerances to opioids and benzos, but the ladder is from heavy abuse. So I guess unless I stumble upon like 5 hits someday I'll probably try it again, but in the meantime if I wanna trip I'll just stick to dex or shrooms.
  2. Hmm that's weird I have a naturally high tolerance to opiates, but ive never heard about one to lsd.

    Maybe they were just bunk and your GF was getting a placebo effect. placebo is pretty powerful. I once tried to do an LSA extraction, and gave the first hit to my friend. He said he was trippin pretty hard. But the batch ended up to be bunk and when me and my other friend did it there were 0 effects, 100% bunk. So idk, just a thought.
  3. Your friend could have easily been lying, it's not hard to pretend that you're tripping. Though he probably felt like an idiot after you guys found out that the acid was bad.

    To the OP, maybe you just got unlucky and got bad shit twice? I really don't know. I say try it one more time whenever you get the chance (3rd time's the charm?), but if that doesn't work out then oh well.
  4. He wasn't lying, he really thought he was tripping, and was like offering me money to extract it more cuz he was having so much fun.
  5. Really? Damn, I didn't know that the placebo effect was that powerful :eek:
  6. So as an experience acid tripped my first thought would be that it was fake. I've been told you can actually not trip the first time, sorta like not getting high the first time. Also there really is no such thing as a "natural" tolerance to acid. If you do it alot day after day you will get a heavy tolerance really quickly "Bonarooooooo". It also goes away just as fast. But if you haven't done it or haven't done it in a while you definitively won't have a tolerance. Again probably fake stuff the body high is kind of hard to miss IMO.
  7. I've been told you can actually not trip the first time
  8. Dont give up on it yet, your first time could've been bunk acid, your second time you probably didnt take enough.
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    yeah and nobody gets high off weed the first time either!

    sorry guys, but good doses of acid aren't around like they were in the sixties. The doses timothy leary was handing out were 10-100X as potent as most single doses of blotter these days
  10. I'm with you man. The first time I did acid I took 2 hits of what was supposed to be "good shit". NOTHING. Later on in life I ate a half-e of shrooms. NOTHING.

    Next time I'm taking like 3-4 hits of acid, and an eighth of shrooms. (not at the same time)
  11. You guys are getting some shitty acid, come to Colorado. I'll show you whats up down here!
  12. I swear that I have a high tolerance to acid as well.. I've bought and taken 3 hits of good ass cid that everyone else had bought and were tripping off of 3 different times and never got more than a body high and slight visuals for like 20-30 minutes.

    I haven't tried it again since because I don't have $30-40 to drop on an unlikely to happen trip.
  13. I feel like you didn't handle it correctly, or someone else didn't - causing it to not be potent. How do you handle your acid? do you grab it with your fingers? Do you wrap it in tin foil?
  14. Dude, don't feel bad. It affects everyone differently. Everytime I take acid with my friends they're all out of it, but I'm still very much in touch with reality. I've seen people have the acid turn on them, but I've never been so out of it that I would let it do that to me.

    I kinda get jealous because i wanna go to space too, but at the same time I get to remember everything and i make sure nobody gets hurt. I am also able to bring anybody out of a bad trip because I'm still kinda on their level, but very much alert. Ya dig?

    Another explanation is that it could've been bunk. I haven't seen really good acid around lately. I'm lucky I know a pretty decent chemist who hooks me up with real shit when I have a hankerin.

    Just keep trying and stop doing 1 hit. Go big or go home. :D

    And wrap it in tin foil, try to have limited skin contact with it. Use tweezers and a knife to cut it.
  15. Actually I got high the first time I smoked weed. Not my highest, but I still got high.
  16. ^^ Same.. You can't not get high when you have someone blowing you shotguns off a fat blunt because they have a shit ton of weed and think its funny as hell.

  17. You can, I know people that can't get high, or don't enjoy it, just feel kind of disoriented.

    I smoked like 3 times before I got high.
  18. The first time i got smoked i got so high i was having little mini weed hallucinations.

    Like 3 bowls or someting out of a tin foil pipe. The dude made SURE i inhaled that sht hahah.
  19. no you can trip for your first time
  20. May have found the problem.

    Are you on any SSRI's?

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