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  1. I realize this should go in the Pets section, but that seems to be mostly people trading pics/getting names for pets so I put it here for now. Mods feel free to move if necessary (also, my apologies)

    So, that aside...

    Ive got the dreaded blood sucking creates known as fleas infesting my house. I am sure it is my dogs fault as she goes outside, and that is where they tend to come from, but nonetheless I need a cure as they have moved on to my cat, carpet in one room and persons.

    I try to live as natural as possible lifestyle, and would like for my pets to as well, so I want to try some natural remedies (I already put some Advantage on the pets, but the fleas still seem to be on them). I also don't want to spray a bunch of chemicals etc in my home, so a natural remedy for that would be great too.

    The only problem is, I know of none. I am going to do some digging on Google, but as always I like to get the input of my fellow blades/bladies as there are some smart motherfuckers on here.

    So lets hear it guys, Fill me up with some knowledge.:smoke:
  2. Borax for the carpets. Sprinkle on, let sit, vacuum up

    Vet meds for the pets. Nothing natural is going to kill the fleas quick enough to elicit any sort of benefit. They will multiply before they're dead.
  3. Honestly, for fleas, they are relentless so you definitely want something chemical in this instance. Don't know if you have ever had lice before, but they are on the same level. Only severe intervention will take them away. You can (and this is harsh too) drown them or boil them in your sheets, but that doesn't always kill the eggs
  4. I agree with this.

    I had fleas in my house some decades ago, and learned the hard way. They have a 7 week (I think?) life cycle and you had to kill them at every stage or you will not get rid of them. And the only way to really do it was to get the right stuff from a vet and spray every week. That was "yesterday."

    Technology has helped though. I had a problem with fleas this spring (I have two cats) so I went to the vet and got some spray (around $25) and I only had to spray things once. Apparently it must work throughout their life cycle.

    I wouldn't waste my time with "home remedies" or "natural" stuff -- I guarantee you it won't work and the fleas and itching will drive you nuts.

    I use Advantage on my cats and it works very good, but you have to put it on every 4-5 weeks throughout the warm weather. I didn't do it early enough this spring and that's why I had fleas in the house.

    Good luck, I don't wish this problem on anyone. :D
  5. I have a huge flea infestation right now. My legs have like 50+ bites on them its terrible

    As for the fleas, vacuum frequently. Like multiple times a day. They also sell an "organic" flea spray thing, I got some a couple days ago... its this huge gallon white bottle and the main ingredients are clove oil, peppermint oil, and some other oil I cant recall. Its non-toxic, I sprayed that all over my house a couple days ago and it killed most fleas.

    Though, there are still fleas EVERYWHERE in my house so I dunno... you probably have to buy something that isn't "natural" to fix this problem. As for the bites, you can dab a little bit of tea tree oil on them. It prevents infection and also relieves itching for a while.

    Good luck, update us on how it went :wave:
  6. I feel sorry for you guys with flea issues.

    My buddy had fleas once and they didn't bother him, but they got me. It was hell. Went to the doctor and everything. Get rid of them any way you can, because it's awful when they get you all over.
    Plus there's a chance of them transferring parasites. The thought of a parasitic worm in my body eating my insides is terrifying.
  7. You speak the truth!

    The first sentence is true. Several vets have told me that if an animal has fleas, they will also more than likely have worms.

    But I question your second sentence about "eating my insides."

    "Internal parasites" are generally intestinal worms. They live in the intestines and consume nutrients that the host animal is supposed to get. If bad enough, the host animal can lose weight because they cannot get the nutrients they need. But the worms don't "eat out your insides," leaving you nothing but a shell that collapses one day, lol.

    I'm pretty sure I'm right about this, but feel free to verify.
  8. Try getting a heat lamp and putting it on the floor with a plate of soapy water under it and make sure its the only light source. The fleas are attracted to the light and jump at it and fall in the plate of soapy water and drown. It works well but you should probably get some spray or a flea bomb if they are bad and vacum like twice a day and treat your pets regularly
  9. Sounds like chemicals are my only option. Im going to try the water by the light, and a lemon spray just to see what happens first tho. Thanks guys :smoke:
  10. If I understand it correctly, you won't know for 7 weeks if indeed they are gone. They may be gone for a couple weeks or whatever, but if the eggs aren't also killed they will hatch and you'll have the flea problem all over again. (see my previous post).

    If I was you, I would just call a vet and ask them if there are any "natural" ways of doing it. And ask them about the life cycle and the egg thing too, I'm curious if I have it correct. :(

  11. You most certainly have it correct, I must have missed that some how.. My bad.

    I guess there really is no way around this at all, Im going to have to give in and do it with chemicals :(
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    "Comfortis" for your pets...a 6 month supply each...

    1 pill a month and repeat until all fleas are gone...

    The pills cause the eggs to not hatch...trouble is, eggs will hatch for a few month s AFTER being laid, and the larva live on dead flesh and such in teh carpets and oteh fibers of the house like the dust mites do. Each new hatched and developed flea batch will have to suck some pet blood to be poisoned and cause them to have dead eggs.

    once the cycle is broken, you may want to repeat for a second round to ensure fleas outside are also 'sterilized'.

    My parents home is flea free still after an infestation (new puppy with fleas brought in) last years spring (mid March), we had them pretty much gone by end of June..and no sign of them by August.

    oh, but there are a couple of other options that DO work 100% of the time...



  13. I've been using human grade, organic diatomaceous earth the last few years for prevention. Works as good as Frontline once I found a good way to apply it.
  14. Cedar oil/chips ?

    ...but keep a flame thrower ready, and double tap them bitches... :)
  15. Last night I slept with a long sleeve shirt, pants, and socks to prevent getting bitten. And guess what? The next morning I wake up with my face covered in flea bites. Little fuckers

  16. Shiiiit man sounds like you've got them worse than me. I feel for you nonetheless, they certainly are little fuckers.
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    If you have a yard, plant Pennyroyal. Fleas hate that plant.

    Common Names
    PennyRoyal , Penny-Royal, poleo
    Botanical Name
    Mentha pulegium

    Seriously, this little plant took over my yard, now I don't see fleas. At least in the yard. They can still come inside, though not as many do.
  18. [quote name='"PaulKemp420"']Sounds like chemicals are my only option. Im going to try the water by the light, and a lemon spray just to see what happens first tho. Thanks guys :smoke:[/quote]

    Make sure it has soap in it to suck the little creatures in and drown them. I hope it helps you some and vacume a lot
  19. So I made the citrus spray using two oranges and two lemons, not sure how much water as i didnt measure but i made it so that it was quite concentrated. I sprayed it everywhere, and left it for a bit then vaccumed.

    I also sprinkled salt on couches/carpets, left for a while and then vaccumed(vaccum 3 or times a day now anyway).

    I can confirm a reduced amount of fleas visually after both of these treatments. I also did some experimenting on fleas I have seen with the spray. It seems the spray first puts them in a daze, then immobilizes them, then eventually the die. Its a long process from spray til death, but once they are hit with the spray they dont go very far.

    Anyway, these are my findings thus far. I am still going to have to get a flea bomb or something because of eggs and a repeated cycle, but for the live ones on the pets etc., this seems to work as a band aid.

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