natural co2 enrichment

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by gr0wer, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. I was thinking of a better way for co2 enrichment and was thinking how about having some animals like rabbits in the a room next door, then have the air circulating back and forth. Have cool tubes on the lights to keep everything in the system.

    You would need allot of rabbits but there fast little fuckers and can easily reproduce to whatever amount you need, then just seperate the males from females. A perk to using rabbits is if your growing organic soil you can use the manure for growing in because its the most concentrated manure and has lots of N and P. You can even feed the rabbits the left over MJ stems and leaves, allong with normal food, after harvest to take care of removal of evidnece.

    This isnt an idea i am capable of doing currently and wouldnt be in the near future for me (possibly far future) but I think its a good idea for a ghetto Bio dome type grow and can save some $ on co2 while increasing yeilds and removing evidence. Not bad eh?
  2. Not to bad of an idea, but from personal experience rabbits smell worse than their shit, haha..I would like to try it but the whole smell factor would prolly make the parents a little suspicious, hehe. Goodluck with that bro!
  3. Yes nice idea.... you could have someone cut tickets to little children and present your grow room as a small zoo
  4. u cud also sell the extra rabbits for some quick cash.

    rabbit pie is also very nice, if the buggers get into ur grow and eat all ur plants then i got a feelin ud b eating a lot of it.

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