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  1. My high school Lakeland Senior High from Lakeland Florida is playing a team from California tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. Suppose to be on ESPN2 and since on its their i'm guessing everyone can watch it if they got ESPN2 on their cable list. Anyway just letting you know it was my high school. They got real good after I left school. They aren't as good as they use to be from the last couple years but they still got a lot of talent. Anyway I'm just drinking tonight watching it. Letting yall know.
  2. LOl Fuck you Lakeland, you whipped my old Highschool team like 4 years ago.

    But yeah, you guys are beast.
  3. HAHah where your from. When I went the football team sucked ass, but that was about 6-7 years ago lol. Then they got some good players and won a national championship got some sponsorships going and started making a real good football team. The school is ghetto as fuck lol fucking on national tv. They had the opportunity to be on MTV (you know that high school from Cali football team show..... we had that opportunity first and the coach from lakeland turned it down). Anyway yeah I heard a lot when they went big.
  4. I went to HS in south florida, dont wanna say which one cause it would be pretty obvious who I am. if that makes sense.. but yeah we got raped by u. like 54-3.
  5. Prattville High School (Two time AL State Champs) played some team out of New Jersey on ESPNU. I'm so glad they got beat. They're somewhat my old high school's rival. We had "Beat Prattville Week" in the playoffs my junior year, it was pretty neat.
  6. St. Thomas Aquinas would rape both these teams.
  7. lakeland is damn good

    rainey and the pouncey twins are from there
  8. i dont get it...where im from nobody gives a flying fuck about highschool football (or college football for that matter)....i guess thats cuz we go the patriots, red sox, bruins and celtics...we have pro sports...but still i dont get it...the only people who care about HS football are the players and the players parents

  9. thats because no good football players come from your area

    down south we're loaded with talent and hs and college football is very competitive
  10. VERY COMPETITIVE. My graduating class (2010) has the number 10 running back in the nation, along with about 3-5 other Division 1 commits.

  11. lofa tatupu is from the town next to me and played football there...but unfortunately they are our rivals so idk how i feel about him haha...but its mostly cuz our pro sports are fucking awesome so we have no reason to care about HS or college sports

    my area is more focused on we have some VERY VERY talented hockey players...sooo many NHL players come from mass
  12. Probably because no one from where you are from can play high school football, and the best college team you've got is Boston College.

  13. its probly bc our pro sports are way fucking better than anybody elses...who cares about college/HS when u have REAL PRO sports...i know it must suck to live where u guys do cuz u guys dont got that (for the most part)
  14. I'm pretty sure two different sport titles reside in Pittsburgh right now, and that's without a basketball team even in existence.

    How many does Boston have? Zero? :rolleyes:
  15. My high school used to be pretty good. We used to only lose to De La Salle, who was one of the nation's top teams while I was there. I rooted for De La Salle whenever they were on national TV so it would justify our losses to them. We got like two players in the NFL.. Dennis Dixon 3rd string QB for Steelers (lol), and Jarrad Page starting safety for the Chiefs.

  16. ok...bruins (best record in the east last year...a better team than the penguins) sox (pirates???...lmfao) patriots (steelers...both elite teams this year)...celtics (pitt doesnt have a basketball team)

    seriously every team is in the playoffs and very competeitive in the are wrong lol
  17. I think he means current titles which would be:
    NFL - Steelers
    MLB - Phillies
    NBA - Lakers
    NHL - Penguins

    Two for Pittsburgh and none for Boston.

  18. Theres more passion and excitement around college football than there ever will be with pros. Thats why college is better.
  19. lol ur clearly not from mass...i feel bad for places with no REAL pro sports

    and whatever sure we had no titles last year but we have a lot lately...A LOT more than any city in the past decade, and thats a talking about in the long run...not just last year

  20. dawg SEC football is a whole nother level then the pros

    people get wild and get they ass whooped after games regularly

    we start tailgating and drinkin early as fuck for our games

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