National green ribbon week

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  1. hi i am looking for a little bit of advice on how to improve my video and on how to get more views!! 420 is approaching fast and i need help getting the word out..thanks in advance and any advice is welcomed!!

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    So wrapping a ribbon around a tree is doing something. I bet the tree huggers will love it. That video was pretty weak man. No fact or numbers. Just wrap a ribbon around a tree. Ground breaking. Farmers have been doing this for years. So do they support legization.
  3. The time for protest is over. The time for sit ins is over. Occupy is dead. In the 70's we fought the law and the law won. Using forums to generate leads to your video is on the right track if you are not off topic. The green ribbon kind of wreaks of spam though. It seems like you want to sell ribbons to make a buck. What we need is to get the Party started. Since we are now the majority we has gots to know, is America BFE? Butt Fucking Egypt? Are we in the Nile? In Denial? It's time to find out. If we truly are a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Since the Tea Party is no longer the Pot Party being co-opted by the Tea Baggers such as Ted Cruz, It is incumbent upon us is to stick it in their face and start the Pot Party. We must draw a petition and force any candidate to sign it as a legally binding contract. Should he violate the agreement it stipulates that we can vote and impeach him out of office, at a drop of a hat. Should any candidate not sign the petition then we will do everything in our power to make sure that bigot will not be voted into office. Until we do that, we are blowing smoke up our ass.

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