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    The National Geographic channel is going to have a show on marijuana on December 2nd at 10. Its being done by a seasoned drug war reporter that apparently has covered everywhere from "Columbia to Compton". I'm hoping that it is going to report the truth, therefore convincing more Americans of the harmlessness of pot.

    What do you guys think?

  2. Just set it to record on the dvr thanks!

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  3. Heres a particularly awesome documentary, if you are so inclined.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Marijuana Documentary Part 1[/ame]

    Make sure to continue through all the parts, its a damn fine doc.

    And I will very likely be watchin that special on the second.
  4. I can't help but think this will be biased and will try to convince people that weed should remain illegal...

    Let's hope not...

  5. beautiful video. just brightened up my night :)
  6. Send it to everyone that you think needs to see it. That doc. is a very powerful one, it may be enough to change some minds, and inform some people.
  7. I was going to make a thread about this about 3 hours ago but i'm glad you took care of that for me. I'm really high right now!

  8. I about to watch the whole thing on youtube :)
  9. Interesting!

    I'll watch it!
  10. watched it two days ago. blew my mind... haha. i its a must see for any smoker, and a NEED TO SEE for any non smoker.
  11. ehh, the vid in the link made me think this was separate from the OP and i double posted. ehh, i dont know man... wtf?

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