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Discussion in 'General' started by dylan, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Did any one watch the cannabis documentary last night on natgeo? It was pretty cool! They had alot of good things to say about medical marijuana, and even gave recreational use a fair chance. The segment on emery was pretty cool. I knew most of it, but didn't know you could bring bud into his shop and go upstairs to smoke....Sweet! Also, the despenseries in ali were cool! YAY NATGEO:hello:
  2. It was first aired a month or two ago, last night was a rerun. It was alright, fairly well balanced. They should have gone into the science behind medical use more.
  3. i hated that dumb asian i said in another thread.....she was so unworthy of seeing that canada medical green house and actually kickin it with the prince of pot.

    fuck that bitch!
  4. Is there an online link anywhere so us UK residents can watch this?

  5. i wouldnt reccomend it.....its basically just a bunch of shit u would already know as a stoner....and they take a couple shots at the fine herb as well.
  6. Watched the re-run late last night (or this morning i should say)

    The end was actually really good. Lisa Ling narrates:

    "If a stranger walked up to you and poured seeds into your hand and said, "Plant them and your harvest can be made into rope, cloth, or paper, it could help the sick, or intoxicate." Would you keep the seeds, or chuck them away?"

    Mark Emery was enjoyable too.. as always :)
  7. So why not be happy that it sent out a very positive image of MJ users to all those unbelievers out their? Lisa Ling is a big name when it comes to reporting the un-reportable!....Be cool!
  8. I don't know why but I hate that they say Nat Geo now... It just annoys me for some reason.

    But yeah, I watched it whenever it first aired. It was pretty cool.
  9. Found my new Sig! Thanks!
  10. I love lisa ling..

    the documentary was great.. i loved it..
  11. I feel the same way, I had no qualms against saying National Geographic.
  12. You're Welcome:smoke:
  13. haha wow, I actually thought she was pretty cool.

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