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  1. So I was reading information online about Richard Bransons Virgin Galactic and Also that there are other companies working on commercial space flight. So it got me thinking about how people are mad about obama cancelling Nasa and weather it will get more private companies into the commercial Space flight buisness helping to stimulate the economy and spur new growth as opposed to it being consolidated to one big company contracted by the government.
  2. first off, obama isn't "cancelling Nasa", he's merely ending the space shuttle program, which in the eyes of a research scientist (myself) is a very rational thing to do. as for private space travel, i think in the next 20 years it will be available to the very wealthy, but since it's not fiscally practical for the majority of people, it won't do too much to stimulate the economy. just my two cents
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    Well I think as more companies start to get involved and as the technology become better prices will come down until it becomes an everyday thing. And I guess I should have been more specific about only ending the shuttle program and not all of Nasa.

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