Narrowly escaped the cops

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Blażeitup420, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Fake and gay!
  2. thanks for your input man!!!
  3. Haha situations like that suck, been there done that, you should have eaten your blunt
  4. Also @blazeitup, haha nice job, i just wouldnt post that stuff a day later, cops love to go on these sites
  5. I would have man but I had some really dank weed in the blunt. Didn't want to waste it.
  6. That how i felt when i swallowed 5 grams when i saw a cop at my door, turns out he was just askin if we saw a criminal D:
  7. I do't care, it was funny!
  8. People are dumb. Obviously this is a joke.
    I smiled out loud, thanks man. Quality
  9. @wildman50, you smiled out loud? Hehehe someones stoned
  10. Sorry i mean @wildman850
  11. good story op
  12. Painfully unfunny and a desperate cry for attention. No love in the real world OP?
  13. You're one of the worst trolls I've ever seen
  14. This is too ridiculous to be considered a troll. It's obviously some stupid story the guy wrote when baked as shit, and he's just fucking with people. if you took this guy even remotely seriously you need to check yo'self before you wreck yo'self
  15. I can verify this story is real, i was the banana. No homo.
  16. Straight up g. I like the part where you are black
  17. [quote name='"bayness"']LOL what the fuck[/quote]

    Boxy does not understand
  18. A banana tree would not be growing on an extremely slippery surface, so therefore Your banana peel has no chance of causing him to fall.
    I just solved the case!

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