Narrowly escaped the cops

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    What up guys; crazy day today. So I'm in the middle of a crowded area smoking a blunt. I don't give a fuck that everyone can see me because I'm a boss. I'm walking around talking to the ladies and smoking people down on my 8th size blunt filled with dankasouras rex and testicular kush.

    Well anyway a cop sees me smoking and I can tell from the look on his face there's going to be problems. So I book it and he chases after me. I'm running down allyways and side streets as fast as I can but it's no match for the cop; he runs like Usain Bolt.

    Well next thing I know I'm running under a banana tree and I decide I NEED SOME MOTHERFUCKING POTASSIUM IN THIS BITCH. So I hop up and grab a ripe banana and immediately deepthroat that bitch like its Ron Jeremy's cawk while I'm still in full sprint. I then carefully and discretely dropped the banana peel and watched the cop slip and land on his ass. It's then that I realize I didn't even put out my blunt during this whole ordeal.

    I then laughed and smoked all the way to my apartment where I proceeded to fuck bitches and get money.

    Ps no homo
  2. This thread is absurdly gay. How dare you?
  3. Called no homo
  4. u sir r gay
  5. LOL what the fuck
  6. You guys are really hurting my feelings
  7. Fake such a made up story
  8. no man i have pics to prove it
  9. let's see em.
  10. what a waste of thread space
  11. How ???
  12. [​IMG]

    Thats me and the cop I'm actually white I just look black here. Also his horse was majestic as fuck.
  13. This story is funny as fuck.
    I couldn't give a fuck if it's made up either.
    I'm sat here smoking a J now and the Ron Jeremy 'cawk' reference had me cracking up!

    If you have pics to add to this comedy then please, don't delay! Get them up!
  14. [homo]Whoa! He was going in on you! [/homo]
  15. I support you blazeitup, I imagined your story perfectly! You are definitely a boss, kudos to you my friend.
  16. thanks brah appreciate the support. now to keep on living the good life.
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    you said no homo yet you describe yourself in the situation as a male, including deepthroating a banana like it was ron jeremy's cock..
    and running from cops...

    yeah thats real fucking smart....................................................................

    sounds to me like your doing nothing more than looking for attention

    sounds pretty sad to me...

  18. Damn man! I feel bad for you bro! I hate it when I look black in pictures, damn sun angles! Shiiiiit, that's a majestic ass horse! Look at that hair on its tail, just screams, "majesticness!". Insane story, thank god you made it alive bro, welcome back.
  19. If i was high right now that would've been an amazing story. Damn...I need to get some weed.

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