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narrow breathing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by illogical, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. i smoked like 3 times in a row and towrds the third time i started to feel like im breathing through a straw. its still like that, did i collapse my lungs? D:
  2. Take the straw out of your mouth.:cool:
  3. 3 bowls? What did you smoke out of? Sometimes if you smoke too much too quickly you can burn your throat a little bit. It sucks for a while but will go away.
  4. it feels like im sucking helium out of a ballon
  5. Does your family have any known respiratory problems, asthma, anything like that? Just as long as you are able to draw oxygen in your lungs, alls well bro.
  6. it feels like im sucking helium out of a balloon
  7. i can draw oxygen but it takes longer and its slower
  8. its like trying to drink through a coffee straw almost but with air
  9. It sounds like you either have asthma or a sensitivity to smoke. They sell inhalers over the counter at places like walmart and rite aid if you feel the need for that. Sorry you're not feeling well man.
  10. sounds like asthma.
  11. Sure you're not just high and working yourself up over nothing? If not that is certainly not normal. I don't really know what to tell you.
  12. i usually only smoke a bowl. i dont have asthma i know that
  13. could i have smoked so much my lungs cant take anymore?

  14. people smoke packs of cigs a day and they're lungs don't collapse from it..

    3 bowls of marijuana isn't going to do anything..
  15. This has happened to me multiple times. Never really thought about it much.
  16. no, I think that right now you're just really high and panicking a little. It happened to me when I was a noob and a couple times when I'd come off of t-breaks. Just calm yourself down and focus on breathing in and out. Take deep breaths. Hope this helps

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