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  1. A family member just got rolled - he was a dealer -not huge, but pretty substantial -he got caught with a few ounces etc... he refuses to narc.. I respect that. He is 19 yr old country naive boy.

    I have the ability to set up buys and clear him with the DA. He doesnt want to be involved, doesnt want me to do it..but my contacts are from 20 years ago...and I can do it easily... without suspect and he will do no time.

  2. I am not a user, or involved in the drug community in any way, I'm just trying to save him from 20 years. He will die or kill hiimself.
  3. Uhhh Uhhh... Smoke? :smoke: My answer to everything
  4. Well that's a huge decision to make, and the decision is yours. I do want to say that just because your family member got caught doesn't mean that some other dealers should get screwed over for someone else's mistake. Remember, snitches get stitches for being punk bitches.
  5. Don't be a narc. It sucks that someone you care about got caught, but you just have to cut your losses and move on. The people you narc on have families too. Imagine how they'd feel.
  6. The kid doesn't have any idea of the repercussions of what he could be convicted for.

    In most instances, it'd be better to let him have it his own way and suffer the consequences, but this is one of the exceptions i.m.o

    Family stick together...
  7. Its all up to you. Remember if you snitch and it is traced back to you there may be consequences. Are you sure these contacts are still good 20 years later?
  8. you sound like a narc. gtfo
  9. Thanks. Everyone is right. Thats the part that sucks. But...blood is blood... and I would die for anyone in my family... and... this could even lead to that who knows... I dont care if Im hated for rolling someone...Im not part of the community. I do feel bad, as I know theres a family involved, but if this person -who is multiple convictions and lost his kids and continues to deal doesnt care about his family -why should I?

    I appreciate all the feedback... Im really searching for help -I have to make a decision tomorrow.. I'll be back and let you all know and keep reading for insight.

    I have no judgement against dealers or users... everyone has a right to be who they are... but I would kill and I would die for my family, no matter what.

  10. Well the people you narc on might have family members with exactly the same mindset. They might be willing to kill for their family members too. Just be wary of that.
  11. sorry forbidden... I guess... you're right.

    I came to the wrong pplace for answers.. I just dont know or understand the codes and consequences... which is what I was looking for. I will gtfo.

    Thanks for everyones kindness and not judging me.
  12. Obviously coming to a marijuana user forum asking about snitching isn't going to help you much, because in the end all of us are "criminals." Best of luck to you and your family member though, f the system

  13. I believe I may have misunderstood the opening post. What is it that the OP is proposing to do? Sell out some twenty year old contacts? How do you know they are still in the game?
  14. your family member knew the risks of selling weed when he started im sure

    its his time to face the consequences. i understand wanting to protect a family member but you cant make some body else pay for some thing he/she did knowing there was going to possibly be a time when they got caught

    theres that saying "if you cant do the time dont do the crime" that applies here

  15. There is no right place to ask this question. The answer is in your heart. Go with your gut feeling, but remember every action, positive or negative bears a consequence.

  16. Don't ask random people on the internet. You have to go with what you know is the right decision.... no one has the 'right' answer for you. Your family member put himself in the situation, it's his decision on how to get himself out of it.

    I understand not wanting to 'snitch,' and I'm not telling you to do so.... but remember that ALL actions have consequences that one should consider them before they do anything in life.
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