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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by njfinest, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. A couple days ago me and a couple of friends got dropped off in front of another friends house. We had just copped 2 dubs and 4 dutches. We always smoke at this friends house with no problems what so ever. So as were walking up to his house 2 narcs jump out of a car that was right behind us as we were getting dropped off. They said that if we run they'll "shoot us". I guess they saw the dutches as we got out of the car because they already knew that we had bud. The narcs acted as if nothing was wrong they were making jokes and were pretty disrespectful. They ended up arresting my friend and taking our bud + dutches. The whole experience was awful and I don't want any fellow pot smokers to have to go through that.

    Do you guys think we shouldn't smoke at our friends anymore? Or should we be fine going back to smoking there everyday?
  2. I would have casually walked into the house. Might have bought you some time.
  3. the trick is not letting anyone walk all over you. Even if they "know" you have weed. Them seeing your dutches is not probable cause to search you. You'll find that almost every cop will act like you have weed and ask you for it and make you a "deal" if you show them where it is.

    Don't break down and give them any information, they really are just trying to trick you into saying something you will regret. Anything you say to them becomes fair evidence so next time think about what they have on you and what you're giving them before you say anything.
  4. If you take part in direct action or the police don't like the look of you; you are likely to get arrested.
    Here's some things to and not to do:
    You don't have to say anything, nothing, but it is advisable (but still your choice).
    to give your name, address and date of birth, and then say nothing else.
    If you don't give them this you'll find they will only hold you for longer while they establish your identity, but if you have been previously convicted, then don't give your date of birth, for you are on their computers in birth order.
    Then you are not obliged to answer any further questions at all. Most people that are caught are sussed out by their own evidence.
    The police are cunning but thick, don't hand it to them on a plate. You don't have to give your fingerprints, make them apply for a warrant.
    This sometimes is refused - especially if the evidence is flimsy never let them take your photograph this is only compulsory after you have received a prison sentence, so don't let them tell you different
    You can demand suitable food; you might not get it "keep on asking".
    You are entitled to make phone calls but the bastards won't let you.
    Remember the arresting officer's number, or any scum that treat you badly.
    Make a legal complaint afterwards. Look bored - but stay polite .
    When they question say "no comment", don't admit to any weakness.
    They are bastards trained by bastards to protect, detect, and prevent, us and our like from questioning let alone, threaten the power that they cherish
    Whatever you go through in a police cell is nothing compared to the suffering inflicted by Governments.
    The state destroys, tortures and murders, we must stop them, using force if necessary. Remember that and good luck!

    Wise words, my friend.

  5. If the car was right behind you, I would almost bet that it followed you from the place you had just copped the weed from....which would mean that place is being watched. And, if they followed you from there and caught you at your friends house, then they are probably watching your friends house now, as well....if I were you, I would lay low for awhile
  6. Dude... You are my freaking Idol o.0

  7. I know for a fact that they were not following us. There for they didn't see us cop. Everything happened so fast. They realling got us good.
  8. You have to know your rights... Read up on Search and Seizure on the internet next time something like that happens.

  9. They ran up to us. My friend who had the weed was the one closest to the house he dropped the two bags on the floor near a bunch of garbage. As soon as the narcs got out there cars they went towards him and asked where is the weed I see the dutches. My friend stayed quiet as they searched for the two bags themselves. They found both of them in under 10 seconds. They kept saying how none of our faces are familiar and how were prob "good kids" he asked the rest of us for our street names and our age as the other narc arrested our friend. My friend that was getting arrested asked if his girlfriend can come with him to the station they said "sure just punch one of us in the face and your girl can come. They continued to make smart comments like that.

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