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  1. just was diagnosed with this. guess what the treatment is??
    STIMULANTS!!!!! woo hoo
    bring on the addies !!!!!!

    anyone else have this?
  2. nobody ever comes into my threads :(
  3. i can tell you you won't be falling asleep on addy lol

    have fun being productive all the time :)
  4. Why would you want to treat narcolepsy, you could then explore your dreams for more extended periods of time.
  5. oh my god it is awful. i fall asleep at work on my desk. it is not a good thing lol
    fall asleep on here, watching a movie, it is miserable actually
    cant wait to start a script. one more sleep study and i am on my way :hello:
    thanks for your replies!!
  6. Haha, treating narcolepsy with stimulants, whod've thought it eh?

    Nah but seriously, have fun with whatever ya get, just don't go TOO crazy :D
  7. lol
    oh i wont. i am old enough to know better lol
  8. So with narcolepsy you just randomly fall asleep?

    Sorry, my misunderstanding, that must be terrible, good luck and don't abuse the addys!
  9. yep, thats how it works my friend. it sucks.
    oh, i wont abuse them lol too old for that shit lol
  10. Wow, sorry to hear that then, enjoy being awake!
  11. wow! i've never known anyone diagnosed with that disorder. must suck. but you got something out of it. haha -- i did watch this one video of this cute little dachshund puppy that was walking on a leash that had narcolepsy and it just fell asleep when walking. it was pretty cute.

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