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  1. Me and two of my friends were getting ready to trip on some acid when we pulled into a circle and parked our car. we got out and went down into a ditch to smoke while we wait for our acid guy. one of the guys that lives in the houses (which was not even visible from the ditch) walks behind me while im smoking, about 100 feet away and up a steep hill... and yells "Don't run i called the cops"

    We ran

    I buried my weed and pipe in someones garden along the road, and we spied on our car as the neighbor camped at it. My other friend came and picked us up and we drove around for awhile.

    My friends car is legally owned by his mom, so the cops called his mom on reports of a "suspicious looking vehicle". She calls us and tells us to get the car and take it home. There is no pot in the car and its still buried (3 hours past when we ran) in the dirt. We go back to his house, and later on in the night went back to get my ganj.

    Perfectly executed evasion of the cops, I think... Personally I would have buried my weed and walked to the car immediatly and drove away, but my friend wouldn't listen to me when I told him without shit on us we couldn't get arrested.

    no trouble with the law, no weed thrown out, and no trouble with parents (she just wanted the car home). We didn't even have to talk to a single police officer!

    we never did get to do the acid, tho.... were all way to paranoid and tired from the running we did.
  2. burn their house down.
  3. I fuckin hate narcs for neighbors. I'm pretty sure i got narced on the other night. but man... that sucks. Atleast you know who did it... what a dick.
  4. me and my friends thought that we had a narc neighbor. Every time at night when we were out smoking a car would come out of the neighbors house (every property in the area has like 5 acres and woody area) and go in the driveway, stay for a while, and leave. Ended up being a mailman haha.
  5. Yeah, cops don't respond to quickly unless there's a medical emergency or something that *needs* their attention... you probably could have walked away from the scene if it was just a "suspicious vehicle" before the cops came... maybe it's different around you though. Also, fuck your neighbor. I guess I'm pretty lucky, all my neighbors are ex-hippies, students, illegals, and hicks. None of them care.
  6. dude, my neighbors are all like that. i can be sitting on my porch, and my friend would be with me, smoking a black&mild or a cig. next thing i know i see this stupid ass senile bitch looking at me from her window, then shes on the phone while spying on us, next thing we know we have a cop ar roll by our house really slow. also, that same ho takes pics of my house and cars and my garage when its open. she tried to say that we were running a chop shop lol. at least you didnt get caught man, id beat the hell out of the guy who narc'ed on yall.
  7. real fuckin lame. the same happened to a few of my friends. they walked out of the woods just blown, people came out of their houses and told them to stay put becuase the cops were on their way. they got my friends pipe but somehow missed the weed. i don't know why they didn't jus drive off, i would've done so. but it is true that they probably had the licence plate. even thought it didn't happen to me, i wanted so badly to egg those peoples' houses. i understand if you live in a neighborhood and just don't want crime around your kids and stuff, but to call the cops on some scrawny ass kids smoking bud and then leaving without hurting anyone or anything, that's wrong.:mad:
  8. Believe Me I am no fan of the pigs, but why did u drive to a place ( your neighbor hood).
    I' mean Offspring mistaken his narc for a mail man. I think if ya lived down the street and (in ur neighbor hood)and drive up to my house(in the same neighborhood) and park with ur friend, would make me alittle pissed too. I would say , go down the street to ur own FN house. He has no idea what ur doing? I guess if ya drink there U pick up all ur can? right? LOL
    people will park on the side of a road, (no parking place) and walk with friends in the woods?mmmm Whats going on? Go to a store parking lot it less conspicuius, not in the middle , but on the ends .
  9. If my neighbor was a narc I'd make their life horribly, horribly miserable. Better keep their eyes to themselves.
  10. thats really gay.. but atleast the neighbor was stupid enough to warn you about the cops so you could run
  11. I had a situation MUCH like that the other day, though it didnt end up as well as yours. We were smoking near this fence, witch is pretty close to all these houses. I saw a car drive bye and mentioned to my friends that a cop just drove past us. So we run. We ran for a while, and found a bush to hide in. We're waiting, and are about to leave, when 2 cops pull right infront of the bush. We are sitting there, trying to be as quiet as possible, but the cops walk up and ask us what we are doing. We say nothing. I had hid everything, exept for my friend who had a backpack FILLED with paint. These cops were suprisingly a little nicer than I thought they might be, but even though they still searched around and found the bud, but not the pipe. LONG story short they got our names and shit and said we may get a court date, may not. So I'm still hoping nothing happens, because nothing has happened yet.
  12. Send them a "message" to stop fucking with you.

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