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  1. Are these nanners? This is Afghan kush 3 days shy of 8 weeks. Still clear and cloudy. This strain always gets these in the 7th week and I usually chop them as soon as I see this. This is my last run for this strain so I want to max my yield and see some more swell.

    It's like the show up in a day. Gave a good inspection yesterday when I watered and swear they weren't there then. Today was just a quick check in on the ladies.

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  2. Looks like it to me

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  3. Looks like nanners to me.
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  4. So chop or wait a few days? I have these 2 and 2 super skunk right next to it that are about ready. The G13 on the other side of those needs another week or two. 6 plants total in this enclosure.
  5. I'd keep growing... maybe take her out of the grow room once a day get some tweezers and pluck them off...

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  6. I don't chop for nanners.
  7. They are in a scrog. Plus plucking never seems to work on groups like this, for me at least. Singles, sure.
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  8. I've read nanners can pollinate from the get go, unlike pollen sacs that need to burst or be broken. I would say get a clean pair of tweezers and carefully pluck as many as you can untill harvest. Worst case you get a few seeds in your bud

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  9. I am going to chop them as I always do for this. I don't want to mess with the other plants. I am just trying to decide on an extended dark period and if I do will that dark period mess with my other plants that are finishing up
  10. I highly recommend you don't. Nanners are common late in flowering. I've had them on a plant with 7 others in the same tent, I even tried to purposely pollinate one.. didn't get a single seed at all.. not even on the plant that had them..
    Think before you chop :)
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  11. I'm with this dude. I've gotten seeds this way and ended up 10/10 usable females from the seeds. Atf strain.

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  12. I like to experiment with my grows so I know why and how something happens vs just following blindly others methods. So since I had to harvest my SS I decided to also harvest the AK that had the most nanners. The other also has them but I am going to just let her go her course to see what happens.

    I can't seem to find any good references for what a bud with seeds in it looks like though.

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