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namron gets high for first time in a month!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. yes, folks, i will be getting high, and it will be time in a month, and it will ALLLLL be right here in this thread

    my tolerance is thru the floor, so, im gonna have fun
  2. i just did one of those, it was great.
  3. lol sweet
    hope ya are still able to post.
    I only smoke like once I i know waht tis like to be waisted straight for a full day lol
  4. i think the longest i ever went without smokin pot was 9 days.. to pass a pee test before teh test even came i started again and just decided to get someone elses pee.. i have trouble with not smoking
  5. YAY 4 NORM!

    I cant wait! lol, Im sure you cant either! so yea got yourself the ol J-O-B?
  6. ::does happy for norm 'cause he's gonna be getting wrecked for the first time in a month and because of that he's gonna be really schtoned dance::


    have fun man. ya deserve it.
  7. im so excited, i just cant hide it
  8. I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!
  9. /me sings

    namrons gonna be rippppppppppped

    damn wish I had some bud n i'd get ripped with ya!! hehe :D
  10. I can see it now.. Norm Ripped out of his head!

    Good to see ya are getting stoned Norm!
  11. yup yup

    i see it as a small celebration for the job/promotion:D
  12. squealflute: namron mcstonjy is stonjured
    BadAzzMofoJimmy: haha sweet
    BadAzzMofoJimmy: congrats ;-)
    squealflute: uno momento while i procure my encrastimation

    It has begun!
  13. yes yes, the encrastimation has begun.
  14. well get up and wipe ya butt, and go take a bong!
    haha funny shit smokie!!!!
    ur the greatest lol

    lol hell ya hit that bong! wish i had a bong
    LOL wipe your ass and hit that bong..hahah
    thats my new catch phrase.
  16. Yippie for Norm!!! I don't know if you're still smoking now, but I'm gonna smoke a bowl now too....I found a new dealer, and that's cause for celebration!

  17. just be careful not to drop it in the shitter. ROFLMFAO!!!
  18. *looks around*
    *sees not Namron*

    Bleeding to death because g/f came over?
  19. smoke up... I know how that is!! the sweet herb is is scarce for this old stoner. No one wants to talk to an OLD pothead!!!!!!

  20. That's why we do all the talking!

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