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  1. just curious, but did anyone have hippie parents and got a "hippie" name? i bear the brunt of being Buffy, but i was almost an Octavia!

    I was named for Buffy Saint Marie, and I just found out this year that Buffy means "Litte Bunny/Rabbit" in Cree.

    I found that out on a site called
  2. my parents weren't hippies but they gave me a weird name.
    everyone calls me airdrie or arianna or even andre (a guy's name for chrissake!) if i tell them my name is adrienne. if i introduce myself as adri however, they get it right and say adrienne, even tho that's not what exactly what i said.
    grr haha
  3. im norman..but was almost quanita....hmm..bananas are good...
  4. my parents were defitnely hippies (my dad still is)

    i got stuck with the name brynna (sounds like brenna). people can never pronounce it, they always think my name is brenda. it's also a kindof hard name to make up nicknames with, but i don't really mind cuz i wouldn't want a bunch of annoying people i don't know trying to call me a nickname.

    it was either this or lily. i'm not sure if i'm glad or mad that my dad won the argument and chose my name.

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