name your munchies!

Discussion in 'General' started by lostinthefog, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. im eating, ham and provolone cheese rolled up together, ive had about 6 of em so far. good thing theres still a lot left. what about you guys?
  2. Man, White Chedder Pop-Corn and Abba-Zaba's are the best while high. Last night I had like 4 Abba-Zabas, and a bag of pop-corn. Goooood shit. :)
  3. Flaming Hot Cheetoes......and cheesecake!
  4. white chocolate and sausage rolls....mmmmm...
  5. lots of cereal for me and milk yummy!!
  6. I like to eat lots of stuff when im got the munch, but the 2 main things it comes down to is Pepperoni Hot Pockets, and Ice Cream Sandwiches. I have to keep at least 4 boxes of hot pockets at all times.

    Keep Tokin
  7. all i gotta say is: bbq bits n bites with some pepsi. The ultimate in snacking.
  8. oreos and root beer
  9. dr. pepper and goldfish
  10. Carne asada burrito.
  11. Dr. Pepper, chips, cearial, noodles, cookies, fruit roll ups.
  12. Hmm i would have to say a supreme pizza from pizza hut, but i usually just get some stuff from the corner store
  13. pizza...abundant and delicious

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