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  1. Just picked this up from a local shop...anyone have any ideas for a name?

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  2. Obviously Herman Melville
  3. Haha I can dig it

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  4. Wow, that's a beauty. I own 4 sherlocks myself. One of them is an oil rig. It's packed for my move to Hawaii with a lot of my other glass. I just love the look of a Sherlock.

    All you're missing is a smoking jacket, roaring fire, foggy monocle in one eye and chubs mcchubberson the chubbiest dog what ever lived at your feet. Ya, kind of like that.....
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  5. That's a nice piece. Normally I would suggest something like Anal Snake or Viper Semen. However, the name has to come from the owner.
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  6. Anal snake it is.
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  7. I'd call it fish, cuz it looks like some ocean creature....

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  8. I'm getting an elephant trunk vibe from this one. An elephant is a pachyderm. You pack-a-bowl. How about "The Pachyburn" as in pack a burn. Hell, even the carb location is in the same general location as an elephant's eye when you are looking at it from that side.
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  9. Wow! Complicated but I like it...I think I've decided on Herman Melville, thanks for all the ideas though.

    Bless up? More like blaze up
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  10. I dig this idea hahaha
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  11. doc brown
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  12. Nice lil raked sherlock. I have a blue and white one. Looks like a viper.

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  13. Chesire cat
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  14. The curve?.

  15. Alexander Supertramp
  16. Curvy Whale

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  17. Moby Dick
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    Ice-lock or sherlie frost.

    I now see that I'm two months late. Lol.

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