Name the new piece!

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  1. This is my second bubbler, after having broken my previous one.

    Got it here in chicago for 16 bucks.



    Holiday update (for those who care): I have purchased a one hitter for my trip to Cedar Point. Also for better, sneaky out-in-the-open stuff.
  2. /shameless self bump
  3. Gypsy tube
  4. If you like Legend of Zelda name it Gerudo. Thats what it reminds me of.
  5. Soon to be broken. All glass breaks, it's a universal given, don't get attached, it will just break your heart.

  6. I've maintained pieces for long periods of time. This is my first break.
  7. The Bubbling Bastard
  8. Mr Sasparilla
  9. Blue Tiger Fuck.
  10. dont smoke at the point bro, i go several times each summer and its just askin for trouble. smoke on the way!
  11. Milwaukee Terry
  12. Call it bruce
  13. Smoke of Fate

    --- it's bound to break
  14. How about Candyland. Shit just looks like a piece of candy. Not that it looks bad, because that shit looks beautiful.

    Mad jealous.
  15. Gigolo. Because errybody gonna be hittin' that. For a small fee of course :p
  16. call it Jakobo because i want something that dope named after me..

  17. It is officially named Jakobo!

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