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  1. Simple game.

    RULES: Give a description, a quote, or scene in a movie, and someone has to figure it out before posting a new movie.

    I'll give a few examples.

    A DESCRIPTION: Try to be vague but not so vague but not to obvious, either. Make it hard but not so hard. Try not to give it away with the description.

    Example A: This animal is supposed to be king but his uncle deceived his way onto the throne and has since turned this once great kingdom into a wasteland. Only through the aid of his trusted sidekicks can he take what is rightfully his and learn the truth of his exile.

    Movie: The Lion King

    : Again; vagueness, giving it away. Try to avoid using names and the like. Dialog counts.

    Example B: " Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase" kinda of a dead give away, but you get the idea.

    Movie: The Lion King

    A SCENE: Same rules.

    Example C: A lion and his two friends; a warthog and some furry ferret like creature, are looking up at the stars.

    Movie: El Rey Leon

    Make it difficult but fun, and if no one can get it give some clues.

    And No Googling.

    I'll get us started: "Shit on my dick, or blood on my knife?"
  2. Butterfly Effect, I think.
  3. :hello: Correct-a-mundo! Now you do one.
  4. " wata ta ma damie! kappa chow!"
  5. what happens if we dont know it? if someone's movie isn't identified does the game just stop?
  6. No, if no one can get it then whomever put it up has to tell us.

    And for "wata ta ma damie! kappa chow!" I have no fucking clue.
  7. I can show you the world.
  8. Come on, you gotta give us more than that; unless it continues as "shinning, shimmering, splendid..." in which case it's Aladdin. Jasmine... hmm I wonder...

    Oh and namecaps movie is still on the table.
  9. STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! God I can't stand when ppl know Aladdin. Too hot.
  10. "wata ta ma damie! kappa chow!" - i think its Kung Pow enter the fist? prolly not lol

    heres mine: SCENE::: Theres a cyclops, and a band of thieves/robbers and a king and an old man, and they are riding Flaming horses across a plain trying to get to a spikey black castle to save a princess.
  11. labyrinth? or never ending story?
  12. Yall may have never seen it. IT is from Pootie Tang, an independent film by chris rock. very funny, especially baked as the main character doesn't actually speak a word of english.
  13. Haha cool name
    try this quote :)

    "Every evening I died, and every morning I was born again. Resurrected."

  14. Fight Club

    Description: This is a South Korean movie released in 2000 that surrounds a murder investigation of 2 North Korean soldiers on the border between North and South Korea
  15. lol naw its called Krull :) its one of leam neesons first movies.
  16. Puty Tang?! lol i didn't even realize. wanda sykes was in that too, as a sassy prostitute. The first 10 min are great, the rest blows nuts.

    "I calculated the odds of this succeeding against the odds I was doing something incredibly stupid... and I went ahead anyway."

    think puppets:D

  17. Mystery Science Theater?
  18. ding ding, nicely done!
  19. "You know the best part? It's not knowing your friends have your back. It's knowing that you have your friends' back."

    soccer gangs
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    'Hooligans', or 'Green Street Hooligans' as its known in the UK.

    ok my turn.

    "this is your fathers gold watch son. and it was his fathers and even his fathers fathers. well son, i was a POW with ur father and he held this watch up his rectum for 8 years until he died of dysentary. and up my rectum i held this watch for 4 years and now, here it is, its your watch son"


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