Name some suggested munchie creations to try out

Discussion in 'General' started by pnoygangsta, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. If you have ever invented any form of munchies that tasted so damn good that you want the whole world to know, please post it! Be sure to try out some of mine! These kick ass!

    From my Friend- Jello inside a cup filled with a fizzy fruit drink, quenches thirst and tastes great.

    From my Step Dad- Peanut Butter and Mayonaise Sandwich, My Step Dad says this tastes much better then it sounds, never tried it yet, if anyone does please post if it tasted good or bad.

    From Me- I looooove my Creation, get a big bowl, and pour a biiiig pile of Rice Crispies in the center, then get some cold CHOCOLATE MILK and pour it in, crunchy and thirst
    quenching, Rice Crispies in Chocolate Milk is one of my favorite creations.

    Add your own!
  2. I have a great one!

    Try making a huge bowl of captain crunch, and pour Hershey syrup all over that bitch.

    shit is so potey

  3. There called Cocoa Krispies man, lol.

    pretty much anything i eat while stoned is great, ive ate some stupid shit in the past and its always taste better stoned.
  4. Eating some popcorn with melted chocolate and peanut butter on it now, it's good stuff
  5. Artichoke hearts + roasted red pepper + feta cheese dip with toasted pita
  6. Pour a bunch of tortilla chips in a bowl, then cover them in honey. Crush the mix a few times with a spoon, then use said spoon to eat the mix.
  7. i ate the best thing today.
    it was just white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies dunked it a cappuccino.

    i went through like half a packet of cookies before i had noticed how much i had.

  8. koolaid pancakes.
  9. PB and J spread on a tortilla. Roll it up and enjoy :smoke:
  10. Oreo Cookies and penut butter, a glass of milk too for good measure!
  11. Really? sorry, I didn't know that since I live in Japan, I thought it was something new I made up, well I geuss I did make it up in a way since I didn't know anything about it before.
    But yeah, its GREAT:D
  12. artichoke hearts are the shit! My brother an I used to go through them every night, SOBER!
  13. Pizza + French Salad Dressing. It's awesome.
  14. I love taking like blueberry or raspberry tarts or 'crisp'..
    then loading a bunch of frozen yogurt over top of 2-3 of them.

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