Name my new sherlock

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  1. Hey GC, check out my new sherlock. Got it from Hideaway in Minneapolis. $80.

    Huge ass bowl, everything is crafted extremely well and the glass is thick.

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  2. fang?
    iv always been a fan of simple names for pieces
    Pretty sick though i give you that!
  3. Fang. Fuckin sweet dude yes!
  4. First try awwwww yeaaaaa!

  5. the hideaway is legit man!
    looks like a solid piece for sure.
    nice pick
  6. Talon -- Reminds me of a raptor claw.

  7. Claw/ lobster claw
  8. I named my sherlock Bub, but with a rank for each time it survived something sketchy or I dropped it and it survived. Pvt. Bub, Sgt Bub, Lt.Bub and so forth. Made it all the way to captain bub before it finally broke. I'd say be creative with it and get attached to it if you really like it.

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