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name my new bong, best one wins

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dubsmoker420, May 27, 2010.

  1. #1 dubsmoker420, May 27, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 27, 2010
    any who got my first bong its an amazing 40$ going out of bussiness sale. it has an ice catcher and it looks like a one foot roor. i also have the coolest bubbler i have literally seen ill have pics later does anyone know how to upload webcam images to to here? thanks i was thinking about nameless for my bong cuz its so plain and you just cant name there are no unique features

    haha i also bought a strain of weed called mr nice guy is it any good?

    ill take pictures of my cat later haha:hello:



  2. So I take it you've already "Christened" it?

    Also, your pic doesn't work.

    But you said to was too plain to be distinctive, so how about Jane, or Plain Jane?
  3. Why don't you wait to associate it with a situation of importance and name it then? I don't see why everyone rushes to name their pieces, my year old bong still hasn't been renamed by me after I bought it from a friend.
  4. If it is a basil bush bong then go for big bush or big basil :smoking:

  5. I waited to name my first bong (cheap purple acrylic) for a few months to think of a good name... apperently my bong didn't like this and so she commited suicide in the tub while I was cleaning her :cry:
  6. Nothing worse then an old bong commiting suicide and jumping off the counter, ive lost many faithfull ladies this way.
  7. If it is plain, just name it, Bob. You can't get plainer than that.
  8. lol. I don't think she wants to say she "Just smoked bob." Unless thats normal conversation for her.
  9. Looks like a sexy bubbler in the pic also I see a girls hand. I wonder if the female owner is as sexy as that bub
  10. The bubbler is really pretty :) I agree with what someone said above-- "Dory" would be cool...
  11. the swedish pump? ;)
  12. i have the same exact bong except its a two footer. named mine Karma when i was pretty high lol. names usually come to you naturally so just wait a bit there is no rush.
  13. its a male with fake fingernails :) LOL IMAGINE
  14. thnks guys there all really good im cruising right now i got kief, some hawaiian cush. i really like toad cuz it looks like a toad! iaiming for nameless and toad although nameless could be gay i kinda like sshadow what do you guys think?
  15. call the tube CRYSTAL!!!

    cuz when it's clean it is crystal clear!!!!

    and you can say "crystal clears so smooooth"

    but when you say "i just smoked crystal" people might think of METH!!!!!!

    haha whatever you decide, i like the pieces

    happy tokin!
  16. She looks like a Beatrice to me :ey:
  17. Name the bong Combaticus. If you've ever seen Superjail, you'll know why. If you HAVEN'T seen Superjail, then you need to light that bowl up and go on the insane visual journey that is Superjail!
  18. Rock Strongo.

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