Name my bong!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Marleylover18, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. I need to figure out a name for my bong....

    PICS (kind of crappy- from my phone)::
    Original Kaos

    HELP YO.
  2. I was thinking like Marley... or Rafiki that monkey from the lion king
  3. Lichtenstein. Looks a lot like his brushstroke.
  4. dave the bong
  5. Colored snake. Looks like one is wrapped around it.
  6. name him i dont know.
  7. Dirty Girl

    • Where did I leave my Dirty Girl, :p
    • Dam, I wish I didn't drop, my Dirty Girl:p
    • Oh, Dirty Girl, You fucked me so good last night:p
    • Lets get screwed, I need my Dirty Girl:p
    • Oh, Your such a Dirty Girl, I love you:p
    • I just packed my Dirty Girls bowl, Then I smoked her good. Now I'm on top of the world, with my Dirty Girl:p
  8. I like Rafiki too. or something else African.
  9. Old man jenkins. :wave:
  10. Pick a name yet?
  11. After smoking quite a lot out of it... i've decided to keep the name Rafiki. It works nicely.. Thankss!!
  12. Man I am definitely going to call one of my bong's that.

    Dave the Bong, awesome.
  13. Traffic Control, or Rush Hour. (Red, yellow, and green like a traffic light).
  14. i said twister when i first saw it lol
  15. It would have been a real waste to name it something else. I'm glad you went with that. :]
  16. hah, you had the best ideas.
  17. My buddy here says Juliper...

  18. rafiki is badass... choose that one.. :)

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