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  1. Just got my new bong. Only $35 and hits hard.

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  2. Hmm....

    Poor choices

  3. How so?

  4. i think thats what he wants you to name the bong
  5. get high and watch cartoons
  6. i probably wouldnt hit that. but im a snob so....
  7. i could understand not buying it, but not even hitting it? wtf dude?
  8. I would name him Bob, Bob the bong. :)
  9. buncha buzz killingtons in here, like you guys never had a grommet piece? yeah OP's is a bit dirty but that's an easy fix. i like it for $35, dude. the first shop i bought glass from wouldn't even give a decent sized bub for that much, nevermind the mini bongs like that. but i'd name it bongholio. or nuclear bong (satire with the peace sign lol), Barack Obonga the Commander in Kief (got the last two from the internet) or maybe James Bong. Bong Marley? Long Bong Silver? Papa Smurf? now i'm just throwin random names out there, haha. but man it's hard to force a name onto a piece. i never have successful naming sessions like that. you just gotta take it to your favorite spot where you can blaze with no worries, bring some buddies along and just give it a couple rotations and start throwin out WHATEVER comes to mind. it helps to relate to some inside joke or your life or something. that's how they've always stuck for me. or make a visual observation of the piece and work off that. we can only suggest things, only you can truly name it!
  10. why on earth would you name a bong, lol??? what, are we kids???
  11. I like frosty.

  12. name the piece underage.
  13. Never name a bong a aguys name unless you like sucking on i guys names. Has to be a girl name unless your gay and if you are gay than thats perfectly fine

  14. You sir are a genius. I'm going to name mine bongholio :metal:
    Getting my Ssfg travlers beaker with showerhead diffuser tomorrow :D

  15. LOL!!! good one!!!

  16. haha yea its really dirty but im gonna clean it tonight. Other than that its really nice.
  17. The ribtickler

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