Name my bearded dragon

Discussion in 'General' started by Alphå, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Im getting one tomorrow and I need a name... I was thinking "Blade" in honor of GC.. You like? Suggestions?

    I'd like something ganja related. :smoke:
  2. i like blade, go for it
  3. call him Mohammed Akbar Dewalar
  4. Dirka Dirka!
  5. name it whatever u see fit, im getting a cat and smoking it up all the time and naming it marley :D

  6. yea yo, puff the magic dragon!!!!
  7. He said "DIRKA" That shit is soo funny. JOE>

    P.S. Blade is pretty good man go for it.
  8. and Mohammed Akbar Dewalar isnt?
  9. correct
  10. Id either go with Mortimer or Beatrice. Depending on if its a male or female.
  11. i like puff too

    but not ganja related, i like "scamps" or "scampy"

    those seem like cool names for a big lizard
  12. oh snap, thats my name.

    you broke my heart, tokin.
  13. thats life :smoke:
  14. name it something ironic like... "being stuck in a traffic jam when you're already late"

    Damn... I still don't know what irony is...
  15. like..."rain, on your wedding day"

    oh wait, that's not ironic, just unfortunate!!

    damn you alanis, learn your literary terms a bit better 'fore you go schooling the public all the wrong ideas!
  16. your a chick? since when?
  17. since forever, get wit the times rasta :smoke:
  18. seriously, how did i miss that one?

    Is there anything else?

    Hahaha next thing you'll tell me DBW is a chick.

  19. Well now you're just being silly!!

    and yup, 100% XX here. where the x's stand for boobies.

    zoom in on my av...there are indeed boobies there! i just have amiguous curly wild hair!

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